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When Your Cover Letter Turns into a Sales Pitch

Hello there First name of CEO & Their Crew!
First off, let me say what an amazing purpose COMPANY X is built on, supporting the TARGET MARKET workforce economy is a long overdue task and often overlooked population within the workforce economy that thuroughly deserves and needs the recognition. Hats off for rooting for the underdog!
Second, after learning more about the foundation and formation of COMPANY X straight from source and CEO themself (at the BLANK event last week) I left beyond impresssed and inspired to spread that contagious natural passion. I felt such a connection with the values and morals because of how similar so many of challenges and issues I faced in over 15 years in the service industry waiting tables and tending bar I suffered through and the company paid the price for due to scheduling issues. YCompany was around at one point but only at one restaurant, I sympathize with the purpose of this probably more than most and with all my connections in the restaurant and hospitality industry you don’t have to tell me how valuable this is as an in investment for the company just alone based on the positive impact it has on the culture and productivity from the employees.
I’m passionate about to things, empowering the little people with the tools and knowledge to succeed independently in life and utilizing technology and the insane abundance of data available to us to help fineline that process of empowering those without a mass amount of corporate resources immediately available at no inconvinience or cost to you from an array of varying departments covering a multitude of abstract specialties that most people don’t even know exist let alone try to understand their purpose. No, small businesses often fail within the first 5 years and 9 times outta 10 its because of failing to execute streamlined business procedures as a commonly used and reasily accessibld business standard. Whether it be internally, mid-stream, or on the consumers end the solution always starts with the communication, and the the one who always suffers is the hourly employees.
I have experience in every way shape and form there is as an hourly employee, from minimum wage plus tips to an hourly base plus commision standard to a $2.15 an hour wage that was never seen nor covered all the tax liability. I have a passion for helping people that is undeniably contagious and a natuaral enthusiasm that inspires my peers through my endlessly optimistic and persistantly positive solution based character and authentically inclusive genuine personality generally eases people into a relatively relaxed line of open and transpatent communication.
If this letter hasn’t bored your head off or been lost in the pile don’t hesitate to hear the voice behind the story, and call me in for an interview. I would be happy to come in, even if it is just to see an upclose view of the office in action. Eitherway it was an inspiration to hear you speak Mr. So & So and I will be rooting for your success in such an admirable cause.


Ashley Kruempel


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