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Providing an essential need to help companies save money, cut costs, increase customer acquisition, and essentially be a resource saving tool, SOCIAL iMPACT BRANDING brings companies together to do business more efficiently. Through a certified and trustworthy web app, SOCIAL iMPACT BRANDING is maximizing utilization of global, accredited resources through data matching: instead of trying to close the gap, we just cover it all by acting as an intermediary access point for the demand for projects to be completed directly to the suppliers that can complete those projects. The framework of SOCIAL iMPACT BRANDING already exists; social media platforms, technology growth, and cloud advancement has become so innovative that for the first time in history, electricity framework and digital mapping constantly connects the entire GLOBE, at all times( in real time), together as one unit and social impact branding takes out the need for doing anything other than the work you want to be doing.

Imagine a site that directly connects work needed to be done with workers ready to do work. Focused on those social media platform, SOCIAL iMPACT BRANDING is the company that acts as an intermediary access point providing a service to small business owners and medium size companies that have been obvious need for social media presence to be relevant in today’s economy. The overall general perception of social media as a trend is rapidly losing value, in fact quite the opposite. Companies that are properly taking advantage of the different access channel to reach target customers directly based on specific demographics has proven to be exponentially profitable and maintain significant growth as well as retention. The millennial population is over flooded with a pool of qualified and experienced social media consultants who are constantly using their time, energy, and resources to continue to bring in leads on potential customers while oppositely companies that find a specific project or need that needs to be completed will spend their valuable time, energy, and resources on searching for a qualified candidate. This is where social impact branding comes in; compiling data manipulated, specific skillset qualified lists of qualified workersWho are more than capable of completing projects in turn becomes a “pool of candidates” to perfectly match the needs and opportunities companies may hesitate to take advantage of, creates the system to eliminate the steps connecting the need for work being done and work done.

Imagine this, in the early 90s when IBM was just starting to release computers and all the data essentially went through the supercomputer or mainframe system and then was sent back out. Now imagine, what if people didn’t have to buy an IBM computer to go through the IBM system but rather buy ANY computer and be able to access the IBM system on their own computer from anywhere, at anytime, and always trust that it was the quality of the IBM system. Hypothetically, it could’ve potentially eliminated the need for IBM computers altogether… Well that’s what SOCIAL iMPACT BRANDING does: Uber meets Angie’s list on a global platform connecting the demand for business directly to the supply of business on-demand, through mathematically synchronized data analysis instantly, from the palm of your hand.

So pick up your phone and do something with your life, because i’m ready to tackle the world from the palm of my hand!

SOCIAL iMPACT BRANDING: Targeted to small and medium size businesses, entrepreneurs, mom-and-pop shops, e-commerce businesses (Etsy) create/improve their social presence. Your social presence today is your first impression to the world, the perception you display inevitably turns into reality…is your social profile leading out with a valuable impression that creates an impact on consumers?

The concept of this model though goes so much further than where it begins: Technology is moving us closer and closer to what could be singular, global social platform, united through technology able to not only continue to steadily maintain growth achievements, but maximize the utilization of each other’s expertly developed resources without all the political bureaucracy, required experience standards, and challenge the future value of the traditional formatted approach to business relationships as we know it today. When employee is hired for a fortune 500 company they are required for a specific role trained to do a specific skill for a specific company and during their time there that employee becomes expertly trained in that area, however, that same employee who gets laid off is deemed unqualified for an equally dutiful job because of lack of experience in the specific industry. I see a large disconnect here, our workforce is flooded with too many unemployed, capable, and skilled workers caught up by the adopted practices the corporate America has settoday making it harder for companies to get skilled workers for jobs for workers who are very skilled in multiple areas to get a job because it’s not roll specific. Well I say, get with the times people! The monitor tech knowledge he and dad at that’s available to you from the palm of your hand is almost infinite. Stopping afraid of the big data with all these potential what if’s and but maybe’s start thinking about how to embrace it and use it to your advantage.

I love to hear your comments, reactions, and thoughts on the practicality of this concept. Please feel free to comment below, ask questions, or contact me privately. I’d like to create an insightfully educated debate on the economic response of this topic to incorporate as many industries, and seniority levels and in my local community too. Support, disagree, or confused by it are not wrong answers and all are encouraged as this is a crucial part of the understanding outsiders perspectives and will contribute in the progression of SOCIAL iMPACT BRANDING. Adding valuable content about your reactions to this article will only contribute to the learning curve faced during market entry and significantly increases the potential for this business to not only successfully break into market, but come in strong and hard from the start and ability to sustain through the whole race.

If you’d like to support this concept I’m in the process of building up the supply end of qualified people who are able, and willing to do a job, project, or task related to social media platform please email your contact info as well as your skilled social area of expertise and I’d be more than happy to help match you with jobs too!

My hope and all this is to close the gap between the obviously skilled population of unemployed workers to the massive amount of work always needed to be done but ruled by corporate America rules. Let’s break the standard and quit working for a company and have companies hire workers based on projects; don’t limit yourself to doing your skilled talent for just one company when he should be using that one skill talent on the company of your choice… To all the unemployed workers out there I say “Quit applying for jobs and start shopping for companies!”

Thank you for your time and attention and again encourage all comments and responses and would be more than happy to answer questions. If you like the idea of the concept I’m working towards that show some support and share this post.


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