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Might as well say goodbye to the word Privacy: it has no MEANING or VALUE in my prediction for IoT and of the future thru technology.


Data collection is what gave the word “Privacy” value, in the next generation the Data provides the VALUE

This article started off as a comment to an emotionally charged comment thread from the author’s, David Yuab responding this article that he wrote: “Personification”. I am so unbelievably passionate about not only this issue, but the foundation of why I should care about this issue and why it even exists!!

First off, What an amazingly well structured and sophisticated perspective on what potentially lies ahead through the Facebook platform, very interesting. I admire your strength and composure and I sympathize with you, especially in regards to the projective opposing view points that many traditional business professionals carry in today’s market so appropriately demonstrated within the comment thread above…. As a young, disruptive, female entrepreneur myself I am faced with the same, tried and true mindset that Gen X leaders tend to carry; however, that being said I respect people’s opinions and possibly more importantly the right to share their opinion… And in that same great mindset, you and I my friend then also have every right to clue them in on just how wrong they really are….

I saw this kind of powerhouse branding platform Facebook has developed and predicted long ago that one day it would essentially become a one stop shop for all things social, and the F8 event only added more confidence in that statement I made years ago. Privacy is not able to carry the same amount of “value” in 10–15yrs from not as it does today because the meaning of the word HAS to evolve once it catches up with technology.

In my opinion, if I’m talking to a person who honestly believes that Facebook is just a social trend or a place for interacting with friends and only outside of work than I feel obligated to tell them how they are not only wrong. but already losing in the game. The traditional business models focus their strategic decisions based on annual numbers, previous trends, and similiar competitive companies and plan according to what is “likely to occur”. It’s nice, and easy, and makes executives feel all warm and cozy because they’re confident on the likeliness of an outcome. Technology has grown in a disruptively fast rate and made it possible for companies like Facebook and Google to capitalize by using the technology to take advantage of the personalized, demographic, and industry based targeted marketing campaigns thru any means necessary; this is where the privacy debate lives… What should they be able to keep? What should they be able to use? Where is the line that identifies the boundaries?

These questions are the “Hot Topic” of this technology era in the same way that the IBM supercomputer came to market and everyone just had to go out and purchase and IBM computer that could access amazing things… Well my friends, the IBM supercomputer did not live forever, just like Facebook will not live forever, and just like the Gen X mindset will not live forever. It wouldn’t even matter if Google lived forever because if we really take a deeper look we’ll see that it’s not actually these companies that are invading our “privacy” rights…

Now, sit tight and look at the bigger picture here: So these company’s are just using the INFORMATION that is available to them and being a strategic, forward thinking, decision making process that puts a higher VALUE on getting into the consumer’s mouths in order to get into their wallets; which starts with the heart. Thus, creating the hype and Millennial movement of no more push selling or cold-calling to people that have ABSOLUTELY no desire to even speak with us when we could focus our time on keeping in tune with our ACTUAL customers who are known to buy our products and focus on finding the way to keep the company’s name and brand in the consumers mind and mouth: Content Relationship Driven Digital Network Marketing campaigns thru social sites like Facebook are proven to cut customer costs, and simultaneously increase customer acquisitions at an exponential growth rate (depending on product specifics of course). All from using the “INFORMATION” that is available to them… Breakdown the DNA of information and DATA is what is left… and the way that Google and Facebook have been able to utilize and re-source over 90% on the data that translates around the world is pretty intimidating.

However, people are forgetting or not attributing to their own decision making process what it’s going to be like when my kids have kids and they are born into a world where NO-ONE has EVER known what it was like to not ALWAYS have technology available to them from the palm of their hand… would you attribute that to privacy in some way? Data is created and formed in EVERY SINGLE transaction and interaction made in this knew constantly interconnected through the electrically digital, global platform that is producing such a MASS AMOUNT of data nobody seems to acknowledge it’s existance and resilance to the but what this generation gap has created is a divide in either being afraid of the data privacy invasion or pro data in favor of AI or

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