Entrepreneur, Startup

Who We Are:

A global co-working platform designed to empower people with the skills for success in the digital economy while simultaneously offering on demand real time matchmaking services to connect both business products and human services as needed, essentially making it easier for people to go to work, get work, and for businesses to find people who can actually do the kind of work you’re looking for.

Making a software service to simplify The way we get work, the way we put people to work, and in the way that we complete work. Offering an end and solution using predictive forecasting and real-time analytics to create, build, and connect Project-based Digital teams as a service for small business owners, Entrepreneurs, and Ecommerce businesses.

Using IOT technology, cloud-based software and data analytic programs to identify synchronicity’s providing real-time solutions for HR/PR/ and project management in an AI powered CRM system we Simplifying the Internal needs by and external cost of doing business by digitalizing & smartifiying the way we do business. Essentially just simplifying the ability to access people, and the ability for people to be accessed significantly improving the capability for businesses to grow.

The opportunity for monetization comes in multiple points on a vertical scale contingent to the user.

– As a licensed service platform available exclusively to midmarket and under resourced businesses, entrepreneurs, and those preparing to enter the workforce as a full-service concierge marketplace.

– On a individual and consumer specific a la cart PR/ HR resource.

– as an outsourcing resource for large companies to execute project specific needs.

– International speaking

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