Do you know who I am?

I’m a growth hacker, digital media architect, social media strategist, personal branding coach, snapchat expert, and … well, I’ve been called a lot of things lately so I’m actually not quite sure. I prefer mompreneur or accidental entrepreneur because I’m just doing my thing and going with my gut!

I run my own digital media agency and having been building an ed tech start-up behind the scenes that is a digital co-working marketplace for educating, embracing, and engaging with digital innovators. I also teach Snapchat for Business after having made the 1st ever Snapchat movie (#GlobalSnapSwap) and am working diligently to build up my professional speaking career as an international keynote speaker and motivational coach.

I am extremely passionate about what I do and believe that even though I don’t know exactly where I’m going… at least I know I’m going somewhere!!


So, WHO should I surround myself with?????


What I Do!


Ashley is a social media strategist, business owner, motivational public speaker, personal branding coach, and women in leadership activist. She has worked with an array of clients from health & lifestyle, corporate teams, small business owners, e-commerce, tech entrepreneurs, mid size IT companies, nonprofits, entertainment artists, corporate hospitality managers, special events for food and beverage industry, coordinating and executing special events, all the way to in depth discoveries sessions resulting in new business formation for stay-at-home moms as well as veterans.


 I Believe Social Selling Should Be Simple!


Her startup, SoPac, Inc. is a full service strategic digital media agency built directly off Ashley’s personal experiences and opportunities to consult with individuals, train teams, and coach executives on the values in EQ over IQ, building company culture thru team moral, and moving personal and professional brands forward with technology solutions to become digital leverage on the digital landscape effectively jumpstarting the word-of-mouth train with growth hacking and organic storytelling.

“Our clients are able to save money by reducing their ad spend cost, preventing loss from employee errors, increase revenue margins, and increase internal productivity levels; How’s that for an ROI?”

I believe the key to success in sales is to simply stop selling and start sharing solutions! It starts with building up your personal network and getting social.



My network has become my family, my mentors, my clients, and now my team including:

Elusive Exclusive Experts

Through 20-plus years of experience, we’ve developed a full-service marketing/PR/HR agency that builds digital ecosystems to connect brands and customers. We support CMOs and their IT colleagues with best-in-class website and application development, CRM integration, marketing automation, unified analytics, governance, hosting, and managed services. We use behavioral data to develop elegantly targeted brand strategy, creative, content, and media. We deliver integrated solutions that create human connection and transform business.

Performance-Built Technology

Brand experiences today require advanced technology that responds, delivers, and scales to meet consumer and business demand. Responsive digital platforms are now mission critical for marketers. We support and extend that mandate, with full-service technology that powers personalization, back-end integration, and unified analytics to measure engagement and marketing performance.

Strategic Storytelling

Strategy is the foundation of high-performance marketing, steeped in audience insight, media strategy, user experience, and brand expression. Combined with artistic talent and creative spark, brand stories come to life in new ways, pushing content marketing and advertising to a higher place of connection and resonance.

Return on Insight

We’re a fiercely independent shop focused on achieving client success and then measuring results. We believe in getting to market quickly and testing ideas to make them better. We work with clients big and small, delivering maximum value for every budget. We combine the ability of a global firm with the agility of a start-up to make challenger brands famous.


Our team of talented designers can create  beautiful logo and brand to encapsulate your business purpose and goals.


Need a website? We’ve got you covered. Our design team will work to transform your brand into a stunning site design.


We have a large team of developers to bring your vision to life. Whether you need a landing page or a WordPress site, our brilliant developers have got you covered.


Need help putting together content for your website? We can help. Our team of content strategists will get your site on track.


Any good site needs to be found. We can put together marketing campaigns to get you lots of new customers, and attract leads through search engine optimization.


Putting together a video ad for your business? We can help you shoot, produce, edit, and release it.


Need the best in the business? Bring in that top to your talent by utilizing our extensive contact list of social influencers covering all industries.


Check out my station, #AskAshleyK – EdTech, on Anchor:


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Hello there from a lifelong, born & bread Minnesotan, mother of three rambunctious shadows, loving wife to a 4th child, (I mean hardworking husband of course), lifelong student and long standing veteran in the local hospitality service industry (bartender/waitress) turned to a globally recognized social media consultant, public speaker, motivational coach and Snapchat influencer!

Living the quiet life, like that of many Minnesotans until recently; after a quick 10+ years of college now officially a college graduate (#IAmAPhoenix – #WeRise) turned full blown accidental entrepreneur building a social marketplace / coworking business from the ground up after organically growing a LinkedIn audience from 600 to over 3000 in just 6 weeks from blogging thru my personal branding experience thru the Twin Cities.

As a personal development coach I specialize in leadership development, stress management, solution-based problem-solving skills, improving self-confidence and embracing optimism. I’m very straightforward and practical when it comes to self-awareness and discovering the minds subconscious behaviors that inhibit people from moving forward, yet compassionate to the time and energy it takes to consciously practice a happier life style.

It’s not really a job to me, because it’s my passion to empower women and truly help them be the best person they can be in all aspects of life. Whether it’s family, personal, romantic, or professional issues that are holding you back I can provide you the tools to release the negative energy and lead a happier life by not caring about any of the drama anymore.

Ashley founded SoPac,Inc., an edtech startup embracing BigData and the IoT by identifying  synchronicities and connecting small business, startups, & entrepreneurs globally. SoPac uses social impact branding to leverage the digital economy thru social media; Ashley will teach you more effective ways to grow your business and use social marketing and media to brand yourself and your business online. #AskAshleyK to mentor you on strategic ways to use social marketing to your advantage.

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5 Easy Ways Companies can Snap at Work!

5 Easy Ways Companies can Snap at Work!

How this Female Founder is Leading the Pack for B2B Marketing on Snapchat as an Accidental Entrepreneur.










I think that the majority of us can agree now that Snapchat isn’t going anywhere but up and there’s seems to be a craze or confusion on how to utilize this tool efficiently or what to share on a Snapstory when it comes to business, just as many users are still struggling to see the value in the platform all together. It cannot be ignored though that Snapchat has over 10 Billion active users per day and according to Joel Capperella, who recently published, “How Businesses can use Snapchat” quoted 14% of active users are now OVER the age of 35, so it’s not just for the young people anymore! In fact, NOW is the best time for companies to jump on board and fully engage before the platform becomes overcrowded and highly engaged with established brands at which time creating an impact would be highly difficult.

I cannot speak for everyone, nor can I respectfully tell you what to do…. But what I can do is tell you what I have been able to accomplish in the few months that I have been snapping for business purposes and have created some highly engaged and authentic relationships with several leading industry professionals not only across the country but around the globe!


Contrary to what others are saying, it is not going to be at least a year before you’re able to find new connections within Snapchat because there absolutely IS a discovery app, in fact there’s two that I know of. One I use regularly to not only grow my own personal brand but to learn from professionals before me that are setting an example, sharing the content, and unbelievably accessible it is crazy to think I was snapping messaging with Chris Saaca just weeks into my Snaplife…

The reach goes so much further and relationships are the key term to the new way of marketing. Here’s 5 easy examples right off the top of my head.

  1. Memories for B2B- Think of this like auto DM on Twitter… in the beginning! Meaning when you want to intro yourself or your favorite interests the new memories app is a place to keep stories, and individual snaps, organized and labeled in public or password protected areas! For Businesses this would save soooo much time, energy, and resources if you can forward your introduction to the purpose of your company on a regular basis.
  2. Discovery – Ummm… helllooo people…. Have you not heard of Ghostcodes??? This app has been out for at least 2 or 3 months provides so much undeniable value as a prospecting tool with quantifiable source checks just one click away. I see Ghostcodes as so much more than a snapchat discovery tool, or popularity contest to see who is on the featured wall today but as more of a digital resume allowing a personal view inside their digital life to just browse around before even initiating any form of literal contact…. Can we say, Time saver!! How many times have you entered into a meeting with high hopes and big expectations only to find a major disappointment or simply just a waste of valuable time you’ll never be able to get back?
  3. Restaurants – Take your snap into the kitchen and give your guests an inside view of the dinner rush from the back of the house! This should only help the overall perceptions of restaurants in the end, assuming they are not cutting health and safety standards, because it’s a way to involve the guest into the dining experience as a whole and not just a mouth waiting impatiently for a plate but will show the true chaos and rush that service industry professionals go thru on a regular basis.
  4. Storytelling– Not sure why anybody thinks this is a toughy for corporate B2B situations because clearly they must not have heard what a “Snapswap” is, because for corporate companies and businesses that are stationed across the states, or even internationally, Snapswaps are a way to bring in a new face and some new energy to the same cause so simply by passing the Snapportunity around different departments and even countries the company is able to promote unison between cultures but also portray an emotional connection to the business through allowing different employees to snap at work.
  5. Collaboration – It was not long after I started my own company that I began engaging with established, veteran Snappers. The first initial was of course being (my very new and one and only role-model or idol at that point) Gary Vee who is basically paving the way for the rest of the natural digital marketers to leave cold methods in the past and truly embrace the technology that is staring us right in the face, from the palm of our hands as we are living in a world completely connected electronically at ALL TIMES, for the very first time in history. By being authentic, and relevant, and transparent ( it’s A.R.T.) I was able to organically create valuable relationships with over 30 different social influencers or mediapreneurs around the world, granted I was very lucky to have had 30 participants not only agree but who more than happy to take part in the #globalsnapswap initiative I had started.

The #GlobalSnapSwap film is an epic community collaborative creation that was put together in no more than a week by myself where I had each participant take over my Snapchannel for a short period of time to give us a real time, real live view, of where they were at in the world, all in one day. So at the end of the day on May 1st, I was left with a little over an hour worth of film that basically is a trip, around the world from the palm of your hand from a first person perspective tour guide, in real time. It’s nothing less than amazing, in fact one viewer said, “it was better than watching the travel channel” and the entire initiative was put together solely by me in just a matter of days! Now, I can only take the credit for the conception, and initial execution, because without the amazing help some of the participants so kindly offered to help me with in regards to editing as well as how each one of the participants went out of their way to provide some very interesting and factual information about their location which made the movie worth watching. Check out the preview below…


If these 5 short examples don’t clear the fog up a bit for you please reach out and I’ll share 5 more that are industry relatable to you; or better yet, just sign up for my Snapchat for B2B Marketing Live training course launching later today or tomorrow at where I’ll be teaching this to my local Minneapolis/St. Paul area as well as digitally to anyone else whose interested. In the meantime, cheers to the future of a global gig economy where consumers are actually on an even playing field with the corporate head dogs.




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I watched him crush it… & now I'm crushing it too!

What is a social marketplace? Imagine Uber meets Angie’s List with an Airbnb quality check – Fiverr or Upwork but all industry inclusive on a global platform! That is my startup, SoPac, Inc.’s mission…

“Uber meets Angie’s List with an Airbnb quality check!”

Crazy idea turned into a logical business plan and now a functioning startup that I truly see is the ability to change the entire workforce and make this an economy where you no longer have to apply for any job that you can fit into you but start shopping for employers that suit your skills.. social impact branding values #edtech as a resource empowering the majority of the depressed workforce and are guiding the PEOPLE behind those businesses into the The #RelationshipEconomy by embracing the ability to utilize data analysis that’s blinded by the opportunity that staring them in the face.
Times are changing and it’s no longer just all about the “show me the money” aspect, it becoming a “show me you know me” era & with my passionate persistence and a little outside help with the perception; I know that I can persevere because I have all the patience knowing that the world isn’t quite ready yet or just don’t quite realize the solution is what I’m selling. However, this week has been AMAZING because I have finally come up with a functioning MVP prototype also realized today this is the exact model the lean start-up book is talking about!! 

I am a born entrepreneur bootstrapping my way into building a global empire; I never imagined my life would take this path but after growing an engaged network on LinkedIn from 600 to 3000 blogging about my frustrations in the job search and how messed up the work economy is I realized I had something more… And then I came upon Gary Vaynerchuk…. Jab, jab, jab, right hook was the process and the proof was easy to see you as he was crushing it! 
One podcast interview and two YouTube videos later was literally all it took to change my life! 2 weeks later I was in business for myself! 
I’ve always been a hustler and I always make things happen but interception has always been that it was self-serving had a negative connotation with it… Gary put a positive spin on the word especially if you want to go after your dreams…. well I got Big Dreams!!

Love the authenticity in Gary Vaynerchuk’s need no apology, hustle till the end, And always provide value first. Success is not an event, it’s a marathon that is clearly all about the community collaboration approach!
#tackletheworld #camaraderie #NextGEN #relationshipeconomy

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10 Month Update: Headed to San Diego for a founders retreat! #StartupLife


Hey guys, thanks for stopping by… so I’m gonna keep this short and sweet because I’ve been working on building the foundation of my startup, SoPac, Inc. for quite sometime and it’s just about ready to meet the crowdfunding community except for one little part… developing and actual infrastructure!!


I’m a natural networker and always jump on the opportunity to get involved in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area for any marketing, social media, startup, or entrepreneur focused events to meet more like-minded people (it’s hard when you’re not in college anymore and juggling 3 kids) but sadly the opportunities are just too far and few between!


You see I’ve been on this entrepreneurial mission out for just under a year and this whole thing started by accident in the first place. A year ago right now I was just a stay at home mom, part time server, and a new college grad trying to put her degree to use but, like I’m sure many of you experienced as well, -I could hardly get an interview let alone a response to an application which is why I readjusted my approach. I started blogging on LinkedIn about my experience, I really dug into the Minneapolis community meeting anybody and everybody who worked somewhere I wanted to work, or held a position I thought I’d be suited for out for a cup of coffee. I made great connections and truly was able to understand and caresse just what was going on in my community; and it was not right!

The education that I had tirelessly fought for over a span of almost 10 years (three children and one being a preemie to boot) provided me with a plethora of skills across any sales, marketing, or advertising role but if you tell the business community that they’ll tell you those are three completely opposite INDUSTRIES you have to pick one… So then you pick, let’s say sales, and the first question you’re asked is do you have any experience? Coming from 15+ years in the service industry I feel very confident in my sales skills so obviously replied with advanced skills… but do you have any quota experience? Like that is supposed to be some sort of trophy benchmark proving your ability to convince others to buy things. Yet when I tell you I can literally watch the drool form on my guests mouths as I describe a suggested meal suited to their current demeanor and remain one of the top rated servers for per person average ticket price, that doesn’t count? Really? My demeanor and personality was infectious with positivity and optimism and although many of my meetings did not result in a potential job lead I was being recommended continuously & my resume was being passed around as a suggested prospect lead for recruiters…. Long story short within a six week period I had grown my LinkedIn platform from 600 to over 3000 completely organically; that’s over 400% growth in half the time with a highly engaged community & raking in the top 1% viewed within my connections.


Now I’m a born and bred entrepreneur, so that should’ve been no surprise to me that it was time to turn my natural talent into a full-blown startup grind! It’s probably no coincidence that right around this time is when I was introduced to Gary Vaynerchuk and within a matter of eight minutes my life was forever changed. The YouTube video passed around for some Monday motivation titled the most important word stop me in my tracks as I listened to this raging voice describe every single one my thoughts, ambitions, and outlook on life as a natural hustler in a positive spin. I think that’s why I had never really made the connection to entrepreneurship because I always carry this negative connotation that my natural hustle was something negative, self-serving, and not well received amongst my highly dysfunctional family. 
Gary Vaynerchuk made it easy to differentiate the emotional baggage I carried from being deemed selfish, manipulative, & only out to benefit myself to an epiphany of self awareness and actualization that my skills were not only a positive treat highly desired by many too timid or scared to speak up but in fact was much more than a talent and more like a superpower! I call it like it is, I say what I mean and I mean what I say, and I’m confident in my education and realistic view to challenge corporate standards and take this disruptive path as a highly vocal advocate for social technology integration without fear. It is not that I cannot fit into a corporate role outlined by ancient history, but that I meant to lead others in this massive transformation to a digital economy. So, I started my own company… SoPac Inc. – SOCIAL iMPACT BRANDING helping small businesses and entrepreneurs learn how to leverage social media to build your business.

Now of course there’s a much more elaborate and detailed plan for how I intend (and am in progress) to build a massive start up that is a global social platform connecting people in an automated project management CRM system that is meant to change the entire way people work… but like I said that’s for the next crowdfunding campaign! Stay tuned though… it’s not far away!


Which brings me to the purpose of this entire story… Nine months in and what’s sitting in front of me: is to design a clearly drawn out roadmap for this epic start up, a secret Facebook group with just under 100 members of early beta suppliers, a team of eight from around the world that have come together to build and produce, which is the MVP proto type model of how my start up would work. 
I have established partnerships with an AI company out of San Diego, as well as a partnership with eCatalog services specializing in Amazon integration and shopify stores, & I’m the creator of the first ever Snapchat movie called the #GlobalSnapSwap which featured over 30 of your favorite social influencers all giving an inside look and first-hand perspective of where they were at in the world. Through Snapchat takeovers you’re literally able to take a trip around the world, 30 countries all in one day from the palm of your hand in real time leaves me with a current connection and presence literally around the world… so what’s stopping you Ashley you might ask?? Like I said I do not have the actual engineers or digital architects to help design the functionality and experience for users on my team and while maintaining my current load of social media clients I continue to try to crowd source for like-minded people to become potential cofounders illuminating the need for VC funding to hire out

(ideally we all want to bootstrap, right?)… 


Thus leading to this ever exciting invite to attend this once-in-a-lifetime, potentially life-changing, glorious opportunity made available through the community partnered with a San Diego-based VC firm currently moving into the Minneapolis area. The Twin Cities start up community is co-hosting a founders retreat located in sunny San Diego and directly aligned with the San Diego tech community for a fun and friendly founders retreat amongst some of the brightest and most driven entrepreneurs currently in the startup community across the United States! A five-day meet up that includes transportation to and from the airport, room and board alongside a partnered roommate in a beach front house and what most definitely will be an undeniably priceless and valuable networking opportunity for someone like myself… 

Wish me luck!

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About Ashley K

img_7194Ashley K is an entrepreneur teaching small businesses that are ready and interested in becoming more digitally social how to leverage social media effectively… She’s worked with several different industries including IT, health and wellness, and professional athletes and also created the 1st ever Snapchat movie; highlighting 30 different countries, from around the world, all during one day on one of her many Snapchat channels called #GlobalSnapSwap.

We’re going beyond your average Facebook post or Twitter ad to show you step-by-step how do you engage, communicate, and relate to your consumers on a personal level that builds a community culture around your company brand.