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Are you putting in the work?


#AskAshleyK Going Live@5 on Wednesdays for a SOCIAL IMPACT POWER HOUR!

Join me tonight @ 5 for LIVE chat on Facebook – #Tackletheworld about how SoPac, Inc. – SOCIAL iMPACT BRANDING a Digital HR/PR Agency is using #PersonalBranding & #GrowthHacking to help businesses leverage their social networks and scale business organically in the digital economy! 
Tonight’s TOPIC: the New 5P’s of #Marketing and the ART of Communication in the #RelationshipEconomy! check out to find more information and save a seat for #SoPacU -SOCIAL iMPACT BRANDING MASTERMiND digital media training program.


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Do you work the system or let the system work you?

Come & learn how to work the system…don’t let the system work you! 

Don’t run from technology and just wait for it to consume you… MASTER IT!

Work that hustle & hustle to be smarter than the ioT!

Social media Or Social Muder?

Massive Chaos or a Fantasy Escape? 

Rise to fame or dig your grave? 

“Pick up your phone and do something with your life, we will show you how to tackle the world from the palm of your hand!” 

Social Impact Mastermind 

Competition through collaboration!

Enrollment opening soon.

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Startup Crowdsourcing for Snapchat Professionals

​Calling All Snapchat Creators, Consultants, & Collaborators!! 

Below is the link where I need you to go and register an account, then I can you’re content to be distributed and sold or utilized & outsourced directly to, on-demand, as needed, in a first come first serve basis. 

Many of you are aware that this is a long time in the making and I’ve poured my heart & soul into it….so I’m really counting on my network to come through for me here! 

This is THE JOURNEY of a startup entrepreneur; one giant leap for Snap@Work butjust baby step number 1 for SoPac, Inc. – A Digital HR/PR Agency! 

**Do a fellow entrepreneur a favor and pass this on to any content creators looking to pick up more work!!

Log in HERE

More details coming very soon!


The Journey – 

Just an Accidental Entrepreneur and Female Founder sitting in Gary Vee’s desk…

Manifesto Just an accidental entrepreneur from an untraditional background (more common though now) of divorce, depression & mental illness surrounded the young mother of 3, 15 yr veteran in the service/ hospitality industry who took life by the rains to write her own destiny. Her endlessly optimistic attitude and contagiously enthusiastic energy is fueled by pure straight passion for the power of perspective.

A fresh perspective of the future in the relationship economy: What people need to understand about social media & appreciate the value of big data in the IOT. 

The business economy as we know it is changing faster than we can keep up; sales is no longer about convincing consumers to purchase a product.
Leveraging your strengths always outweighs any weaknesses: doesn’t matter if you’re young and old, man or woman, black white or purple… Your destiny and your happiness is in your hands and I’ll show you how to tackle the world from the palm of your hand! 

I never planned on working for myself let alone starting my own business but after growing my own personal LinkedIn network from 600 to >3000 in just a little over 6 weeks I found my special talent. If I can do it… Anybody can!
It’s not about whether the glass is half full or half empty… It’s the fact that you have a glass my friend! Hustle or be hustled, offensive or politically correct, at the end of the day the only person you have to thank or hold responsible for anything that’s happened is yourself, and once we all start realizing that we will realize that happiness is a choice and not a state of being. 


Ashley (#AskAshleyK) Kruempel

Leveraging social media since AOL!

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👻 Did you know I made the 1st Ever Snapchat movie?