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GET READY EVERYONE!! I am offering the chance for TRUE ADVANCEMENT within your digital,  social career.

Announcing the arrival of Snap@work – SNAPCHAT👻 for BUSINESS training classes I am offering to those looking to take their future to the next level.

Snap@Work will be held on weekdays in a “Lunch’N Learn” casual approach, through a live-streaming app too, so you will also be intergrated into one of the most uncharted areas found in these professional networking systems.

Once you have the foundational aspect of Snapchat for business down, then you’ll easily identify potential synchronicities in the many different discovery platforms, GhostCodes or SnapDex, and be able to prospect like never before!

Click below and take advantage of one, a couple, or all of these LIFE changing programs!!


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Follow the Journey – #EdTech StartUp

Sign up here for news and updates on the progression of SoPac, Inc.; a digital platform acting as an access point to strategically partner and align mutually beneficial relationships in a model that streamline’s the overall supply chain process and increasing productivity.


Uber meet’s Angie’s List with an AirB&B quality check.

Like Fiverr but ALL INDUSTRY inclusive.


Sharing my energetic passion and contagious enthusiasm for the VALUE in embracing technology and empowering those with the drive to learn is what I was born to do; I’m a meaning maker! I have an a gift and a passion to help all the “regular” people understand what the digital transformation means in regards to bigdata. I make sense of what digital technology and data science can do a resource tool and how embracing social media and the capabilities as people, rather than companies, can empower the real-world small businesses, entrepreneurs, tradesmen, retail, service, automotive, and creative professionals the knowledge and the know how of how they can do it themselves. Bringing human interaction in the digital world so anyone with a startup or established small businesses can not only compete on an even playing field as corporate america but they can WIN and benefit from utilizing the same capabilities and resources available to Google, Apple, or Ford by using right in the palm of your hand.

SoPac, Inc. is funding to build an opt-in, digital co-working platform brings the change makers together as a digital workforce interdependent on each other to function as a relationship economy.

Bringing human networking to the digital world.

I’m excited to pursue this passion and happy to have others learn from my experiences, the good, bad, and the ugly! Thanks for caring.If you have any questions, comments, or just want to say “Hi!” Feel free to reach out below!!

Thank you for taking interest in my startup journey as an accidental entrepreneur, female founder, and CEO of SoPac, Inc. helping small businesses make a SOCIAL iMPACT in the digital economy by utilizing social media strategically, to create and establish trustworthy, and recognizable brand that exponentially increases profit and productivity.

Connecting the workforce, as a united-force.

Join the waitlist of early users here!



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Top 13 reasons applying to jobs after midnight is a horrible idea.

Straight from the perpetrator and repeat offenders mouth, here are 13 reasons you probably shouldn’t apply for jobs after midnight:

13. Just like when your looking in the rear view mirror;  Thing appear much closer than they really are. There’s no reason to be applying to a VP role when clearly you are entry level, no matter what your mom says.

12. Just like how beer goggles work late night at the bar, employed goggles take effect and make hideously unsuited positions look quite appealing… which is all fine and dandy until you get called in for an interview the next morning and have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about because you’ve never coded anything before in your life.

11. You desperately hope for any response from at least one of the hundred applications you’ve sent out so you start manipulating your responses to see which category may tip the ball in your court but then the company offers you the requested position at minimum wage which you cannot live on just as you asked.

10. You start applying to jobs over 35-40 miles from home and easily can justify how driving over 100 miles round trip daily is not a bad idea but an investment into your future…. future car that is because you know there’s no way you’re beater will survive thru a winter of that.

9. You start cut, copying, and pasting mass quantities of a standard generic cover letter trying to apply to as many jobs as possible because it will obviously improve your odds.

8. You start quantifying skills you briefly touched on during a class in high school as expertise level to qualify for jobs you most certainly have no grounds to be filling let alone considered.

7. You mistakenly attache a copy of your tax return as a resume because its just one click above the only file you’ve been staring at on a daily basis for the last day, week, or even month because it is the sole document and opitome of your purpose in the workforce.

6. You start using slang terms like what up and ttyl as professional examples of your esteemed communication skills.

5. You start questioning whether or not to fill in the optional cultural questions as you begin assuming you’re not being hired is because they’re are too many Caucasians already employed there and being a white American is actually doing you a disservices so you seriously consider what checking the Hispanic box would do for your odds.

4. You start saving you’re resume as Hire.Me.Im.a.Rockstar because you want that to be the first thing they will see when downloading or opening your word doc.

3. You start applying to jobs you will absolutely hate but since it’s the only one you haven’t applied to yet might as well not leave that one out, after all you’re not one to leave someone hanging on the outs in a schoolyard pick for dodge ball.

2. You try being nonchalant and mysterious for a cryptic approach you so adamantly believe will make the HAVE to call you just to find out more when in all actuality it gets thrown out after they can’t even understand the first few lines.

1. My number 1 reason you shouldn’t apply for jobs after midnight and so epically displayed in my previous article, When Your Cover Letter Turns into a Sales Pitch, and you start trying to convince them you know and understand the purpose of the company more than the actual founder.

I hope the satire and intended humorous approach is as easily identified as I feel I am laying it on as I write this post directly after committing my number 1 reason and it is well after midnight.

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Don’t Be Afraid of Technology, Embrace It!

I felt a real strong connection to this video, not because I am an athlete or like pain, but because as a mother of three constant shadows that follow my every move. I am no different than many of the “Teen Mom’s” out there, sure I was a little older but I still was shocked when I found out at age 20 I was going to be another statistic of unplanned pregnancies to unwed mothers. I knew from the moment I decided I was going to be a MOM that I was not going to follow the stereotype and join the welfare retirement plan. I was going to beat the odds….
Now to the point of my story… My second child was born via emergency C-section almost 3 months early (29.2 weeks) not by choice, but because my body wasn’t doing what it was supposed to. I was scared, vulnerable, and at the mercy of the doctors and nurses guidance; I did everything they told me to because they knew best… or so I thought. Fast forward again to my last pregnancy, the thought of heading into labor again was treacherous not knowing how it would go. Would I be able to deliver? Would I have to have a C-section again or worse push for over 2 hours like my first child? And then it hit me, I will do what I choose because I am in CONTROL of my body and I am the one who knows what is BEST for MY BODY. I finally stopped listening to everyone else and looked to myself for the answers. Researching and learning became my only outlet to the outside world during my third round of bedrest; I realized the fear was my own response to the unknown which meant the outcome would be at the mercy again of those around me. F*** that, I am in control, I know what is best and I know what my body is doing better than anyone and that when I took charge.
I told the nurses and doctors how this was going to go. 

I CHOSE to embrace the pain, because I knew the pain was only a response to the baby preparing for birth. The more pain I would feel only meant the more progress my body was making towards the end goal, delivering my baby. I also decided the more time I spent standing or walking meant the more work gravity would do for me. So when I finally arrived at the hospital noticeably in labor, the reception desk asked right away if I wanted a wheelchair to help with my mobility, I reminded myself the more pain meant more progress and I was not going to make the labor process last any longer than it had to; so my response was “No way, wheelchairs are for quitters!” 
When I was just about fully dilated and the doctors had given me an epidural, I knew she was ready to come but my body said not quite yet. I wanted to let gravity help so when the doctors told me I couldn’t stand or even sit up because of the medicine, I said “Watch me” and got up on my knees on the hospital bed and let gravity do its work… They told me it was time to push and I said I tell you when it’s time… waited for my body to relay the progress to my brain and when I could feel her at the base of my hips I said, “Ok, I’m ready”…. 8 minutes and 3 pushes later, there SHE was, perfect as can be and I was on cloud 9. I was up and walking in a few hours and out of the hospital headed home just 26 hours after birth, NOTHING like my previous experiences. I felt like superwoman and remember asking myself how did you do that…. Because I CHOSE to was the obvious answer. 
It’s only now, 22 months later, that I realize what I really can apply what I learned from out of that experience. I can do anything I want, within reason and logic, there is always a way to get there it’s on YOU though, to find the path that leads there. My future is not a statistic, or some previously created destiny, my future is what I make of it. I CHOSE to defy the odds, and followed my dream because I stopped listening to everyone else or caring what they thought of me and started listening to my inner voice. 

I CAN DO ANYTHING with determination, will, and perseverance; those were the values I have always carried I just never applied those values to my decision making process. I have that mindset of embrace the pain, (bring it on) because success is on the other side of that pain. I found potential I never realized I had, I am embracing my talents and my true self with disregard to surrounding influences and you know what? It’s working… I still haven’t landed the dream job yet or become a recognized success but I AM making progress! 

I am learning more about myself than ever before and CHOOSING what to do with the new information I learn from my peers and mentors instead of just doing what they said. I feel stronger than ever and ready to face any challenges that come my way, because I KNOW this struggle and the pain of the unknown is only temporary and my success is right on the other side…
Find what drives you to be successful and embrace it!! The roadblocks and challenges you’ll face along the way are the growing pains to be successful, don’t try to avoid them or go around them. Face them head on and come out successful on the other side; the struggle is real and will never fade. CHOOSE to remember that the pain is only temporary, but the success is permanent