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GET READY EVERYONE!! I am offering the chance for TRUE ADVANCEMENT within your digital,  social career. Announcing the arrival of Snap@work - SNAPCHAT👻 for BUSINESS training classes I am offering to those looking to take their future to the next level. Snap@Work will be held on weekdays in a "Lunch'N Learn" casual approach, through a… Continue reading Snap@Work!

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Follow the Journey – #EdTech StartUp

Sign up here for news and updates on the progression of SoPac, Inc.; a digital platform acting as an access point to strategically partner and align mutually beneficial relationships in a model that streamline's the overall supply chain process and increasing productivity. Think: Uber meet's Angie's List with an AirB&B quality check. Like Fiverr but… Continue reading Follow the Journey – #EdTech StartUp

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Top 13 reasons applying to jobs after midnight is a horrible idea.

Straight from the perpetrator and repeat offenders mouth, here are 13 reasons you probably shouldn't apply for jobs after midnight:13. Just like when your looking in the rear view mirror;  Thing appear much closer than they really are. There's no reason to be applying to a VP role when clearly you are entry level, no… Continue reading Top 13 reasons applying to jobs after midnight is a horrible idea.