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Are you putting in the work?

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I watched him crush it… & now I'm crushing it too!

What is a social marketplace? Imagine Uber meets Angie’s List with an Airbnb quality check – Fiverr or Upwork but all industry inclusive on a global platform! That is my startup, SoPac, Inc.’s mission…

“Uber meets Angie’s List with an Airbnb quality check!”

Crazy idea turned into a logical business plan and now a functioning startup that I truly see is the ability to change the entire workforce and make this an economy where you no longer have to apply for any job that you can fit into you but start shopping for employers that suit your skills.. social impact branding values #edtech as a resource empowering the majority of the depressed workforce and are guiding the PEOPLE behind those businesses into the The #RelationshipEconomy by embracing the ability to utilize data analysis that’s blinded by the opportunity that staring them in the face.
Times are changing and it’s no longer just all about the “show me the money” aspect, it becoming a “show me you know me” era & with my passionate persistence and a little outside help with the perception; I know that I can persevere because I have all the patience knowing that the world isn’t quite ready yet or just don’t quite realize the solution is what I’m selling. However, this week has been AMAZING because I have finally come up with a functioning MVP prototype also realized today this is the exact model the lean start-up book is talking about!! 

I am a born entrepreneur bootstrapping my way into building a global empire; I never imagined my life would take this path but after growing an engaged network on LinkedIn from 600 to 3000 blogging about my frustrations in the job search and how messed up the work economy is I realized I had something more… And then I came upon Gary Vaynerchuk…. Jab, jab, jab, right hook was the process and the proof was easy to see you as he was crushing it! 
One podcast interview and two YouTube videos later was literally all it took to change my life! 2 weeks later I was in business for myself! 
I’ve always been a hustler and I always make things happen but interception has always been that it was self-serving had a negative connotation with it… Gary put a positive spin on the word especially if you want to go after your dreams…. well I got Big Dreams!!

Love the authenticity in Gary Vaynerchuk’s need no apology, hustle till the end, And always provide value first. Success is not an event, it’s a marathon that is clearly all about the community collaboration approach!
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10 Month Update: Headed to San Diego for a founders retreat! #StartupLife


Hey guys, thanks for stopping by… so I’m gonna keep this short and sweet because I’ve been working on building the foundation of my startup, SoPac, Inc. for quite sometime and it’s just about ready to meet the crowdfunding community except for one little part… developing and actual infrastructure!!


I’m a natural networker and always jump on the opportunity to get involved in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area for any marketing, social media, startup, or entrepreneur focused events to meet more like-minded people (it’s hard when you’re not in college anymore and juggling 3 kids) but sadly the opportunities are just too far and few between!


You see I’ve been on this entrepreneurial mission out for just under a year and this whole thing started by accident in the first place. A year ago right now I was just a stay at home mom, part time server, and a new college grad trying to put her degree to use but, like I’m sure many of you experienced as well, -I could hardly get an interview let alone a response to an application which is why I readjusted my approach. I started blogging on LinkedIn about my experience, I really dug into the Minneapolis community meeting anybody and everybody who worked somewhere I wanted to work, or held a position I thought I’d be suited for out for a cup of coffee. I made great connections and truly was able to understand and caresse just what was going on in my community; and it was not right!

The education that I had tirelessly fought for over a span of almost 10 years (three children and one being a preemie to boot) provided me with a plethora of skills across any sales, marketing, or advertising role but if you tell the business community that they’ll tell you those are three completely opposite INDUSTRIES you have to pick one… So then you pick, let’s say sales, and the first question you’re asked is do you have any experience? Coming from 15+ years in the service industry I feel very confident in my sales skills so obviously replied with advanced skills… but do you have any quota experience? Like that is supposed to be some sort of trophy benchmark proving your ability to convince others to buy things. Yet when I tell you I can literally watch the drool form on my guests mouths as I describe a suggested meal suited to their current demeanor and remain one of the top rated servers for per person average ticket price, that doesn’t count? Really? My demeanor and personality was infectious with positivity and optimism and although many of my meetings did not result in a potential job lead I was being recommended continuously & my resume was being passed around as a suggested prospect lead for recruiters…. Long story short within a six week period I had grown my LinkedIn platform from 600 to over 3000 completely organically; that’s over 400% growth in half the time with a highly engaged community & raking in the top 1% viewed within my connections.


Now I’m a born and bred entrepreneur, so that should’ve been no surprise to me that it was time to turn my natural talent into a full-blown startup grind! It’s probably no coincidence that right around this time is when I was introduced to Gary Vaynerchuk and within a matter of eight minutes my life was forever changed. The YouTube video passed around for some Monday motivation titled the most important word stop me in my tracks as I listened to this raging voice describe every single one my thoughts, ambitions, and outlook on life as a natural hustler in a positive spin. I think that’s why I had never really made the connection to entrepreneurship because I always carry this negative connotation that my natural hustle was something negative, self-serving, and not well received amongst my highly dysfunctional family. 
Gary Vaynerchuk made it easy to differentiate the emotional baggage I carried from being deemed selfish, manipulative, & only out to benefit myself to an epiphany of self awareness and actualization that my skills were not only a positive treat highly desired by many too timid or scared to speak up but in fact was much more than a talent and more like a superpower! I call it like it is, I say what I mean and I mean what I say, and I’m confident in my education and realistic view to challenge corporate standards and take this disruptive path as a highly vocal advocate for social technology integration without fear. It is not that I cannot fit into a corporate role outlined by ancient history, but that I meant to lead others in this massive transformation to a digital economy. So, I started my own company… SoPac Inc. – SOCIAL iMPACT BRANDING helping small businesses and entrepreneurs learn how to leverage social media to build your business.

Now of course there’s a much more elaborate and detailed plan for how I intend (and am in progress) to build a massive start up that is a global social platform connecting people in an automated project management CRM system that is meant to change the entire way people work… but like I said that’s for the next crowdfunding campaign! Stay tuned though… it’s not far away!


Which brings me to the purpose of this entire story… Nine months in and what’s sitting in front of me: is to design a clearly drawn out roadmap for this epic start up, a secret Facebook group with just under 100 members of early beta suppliers, a team of eight from around the world that have come together to build and produce, which is the MVP proto type model of how my start up would work. 
I have established partnerships with an AI company out of San Diego, as well as a partnership with eCatalog services specializing in Amazon integration and shopify stores, & I’m the creator of the first ever Snapchat movie called the #GlobalSnapSwap which featured over 30 of your favorite social influencers all giving an inside look and first-hand perspective of where they were at in the world. Through Snapchat takeovers you’re literally able to take a trip around the world, 30 countries all in one day from the palm of your hand in real time leaves me with a current connection and presence literally around the world… so what’s stopping you Ashley you might ask?? Like I said I do not have the actual engineers or digital architects to help design the functionality and experience for users on my team and while maintaining my current load of social media clients I continue to try to crowd source for like-minded people to become potential cofounders illuminating the need for VC funding to hire out

(ideally we all want to bootstrap, right?)… 


Thus leading to this ever exciting invite to attend this once-in-a-lifetime, potentially life-changing, glorious opportunity made available through the community partnered with a San Diego-based VC firm currently moving into the Minneapolis area. The Twin Cities start up community is co-hosting a founders retreat located in sunny San Diego and directly aligned with the San Diego tech community for a fun and friendly founders retreat amongst some of the brightest and most driven entrepreneurs currently in the startup community across the United States! A five-day meet up that includes transportation to and from the airport, room and board alongside a partnered roommate in a beach front house and what most definitely will be an undeniably priceless and valuable networking opportunity for someone like myself… 

Wish me luck!

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About Ashley K

img_7194Ashley K is an entrepreneur teaching small businesses that are ready and interested in becoming more digitally social how to leverage social media effectively… She’s worked with several different industries including IT, health and wellness, and professional athletes and also created the 1st ever Snapchat movie; highlighting 30 different countries, from around the world, all during one day on one of her many Snapchat channels called #GlobalSnapSwap.

We’re going beyond your average Facebook post or Twitter ad to show you step-by-step how do you engage, communicate, and relate to your consumers on a personal level that builds a community culture around your company brand.


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Social Selling & Inclusion Marketing



Turning passion in life into a CAREER thru human interaction and engaging opportunities collaborating, creating, & consulting with clients from all professional walks of life.

We specialize in public branding, social media integration, specialized target marketing campaigns all the way through social strategies, automated information, and large business multi-platform account management.
Put your marketing budget back to work for you when coordinating special events, email marketing campaigns, organic audience growth with STORY TELLING!
Social media has become the PRIMARY choice platform for our clients target consumers; if small businesses today don’t have an online presence they essentially don’t really exist…. 

Personal branding behind the purpose and reason for the company’s existence has become a CRUCIAL need touching ideal markets; I focus on re-distributing marketing and advertising budgets to a community engagement perspective and simply building a presence up through social media. 

Our strategies are saving clients thousands of dollars while simultaneously boosting company morale helping teach and train how utilize social media with whatever internal resources are available.

SoPac,Inc. is now managing multiple collaborative projects while also offering an array of services to perspective clients and established relationships with LinkedIn profiles, Facebook engagement, Instagram image growth, Twitter automation, Pinterest purpose….. Simplifying the value for B2B Snapchat strategies with Snap@Work, for small companies of only a few individuals (even if it’s only 1), mid-size company, or public events & conferences. Specialized Snapchat consulting, lunch and learn training sessions, public speaking social strategist and interactive company workshops with entrepreneurs/small businesses, cool startups, pretty much any company in growth mode with a marketing budget learn to maneuver social media like a chess game through data analysis.

  • Social Impact Branding provides products and services specifically in social media TRAINING / CONSULTING/ MANAGEMENT maintenance program!
  • Spotlighting employment positions and brand leaders in relationship management, authentic story telling,  organic business networking resulting in HIGHER sales marks, create RELEVANT valued based content.
  • Our clients are those who want to be recognized for dedication to high QUALITY production, balanced atmosphere with a rewarding work environment in VALUES embracing diversity, team culture, and innovative social branding trends inevitably producing CREATIVE & LOYAL employees.
  • Social Impact Branding, Inc gives each one of it’s members the individuality to be a business owner, but also has the strong support system helping them to understand that failure is not an option.
  • When it comes to advertising, Social Impact Branding Inc is very proud to show the investor over 50% gain on their investment with personalized target marketing, efficient use of time and effort needed to actually create a profitable, effective online presence.

Through the hottest, most personalized social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram,,  & other livestreaming platforms, special events, community engagement via Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and many more, I am able to have a global presence that is awesome. Turn your presence in Social media into a business that will allow you to become a business owner. Social Impact Branding Inc, Have your freedom today.


Social Impact Branding is all about covering the essential need for understanding how to work social media and helping companies save money, cut costs, increase customer acquisition, and essentially be a resource saving tool! SOCIAL iMPACT BRANDING brings companies together to do business more efficiently and effectively through a community collaborative coworking digital environment!

Working towards building a certified and trustworthy web app, SOCIAL iMPACT BRANDING mission is in maximizing the utilization of global, accredited resources as a regular solution center when it comes to your small businesses digital needs. By connecting entrepreneurs with each other they are able to grow professionally at a faster rates and produce higher quality work.  Fancy science terms it’s analyzing big data treats to identify synchronicity’s and then strategically matching mutually beneficial relationships together through data matching: like Tinder, lol! 

There’s a huge amount of technology and data surrounding the millenials & past generations…instead of trying to close the gap, we just cover it all by acting as an intermediary access point for the demand of products for projects to be completed directly to the suppliers that can complete those projects.

The framework of SOCIAL iMPACT BRANDING already exists; social media platforms, technology growth, and cloud advancement has become so innovative that for the first time in history, electricity framework and digital mapping constantly connects the entire GLOBE, at all times (in real time), together as one unit and social impact branding takes out the need for doing anything other than the work you want to be doing.


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Don't run from the future… Join the social impact!



Now, officially a growing start-up fueled by passion & an accidental entrepreneur SoPac is on a mission to help others embrace technology become inspired and motivated with knowledge on how they too can easily create a significant social impact…

I recently founded an innovative social impact branding business that focusing on real world market trends and projective strategizing based off consumer driven business markets. Through comprehensive research, data analysis, and continuous multi-industry technology advancements, the tools for success are LITERALLY instantly accessible around the world from the palm of your hand!

Traditional marketing, advertising, and push sales techniques are rapidly losing consumer interest and in fact deterring potential future consumers. I’m confident that historic and current business principles are not just facing a millennial trend of innovative creativity but eventually will be replaced by authentic, relationship based business partnerships interconnected thru a globally social networking platform. For the consumers to be in control, they must take advantage of not only the using these social platforms to promote brand awareness but more importantly seize the opportunity to present relevant and transparent content personalized to industry specific current consumers! Personalizing and coordinating the context of potential content to suit the varying demographics and culturally diverse characteristics of consumers has been statistically proven as exponentially effective way of individualized target marketing….

Just look at Google, Yahoo, Netflix, or Spotify: perfect examples of how applying statistically proven data correlations to company specific marketing campaigns are undeniably effective in significantly increasing customer acquisition, cutting costs, and instilling loyalty through building actual emotional relationships with customers. It has definitely been socially noted, but I predict that the ONLY way to get to, and stay relevant, to consumers is through word of mouth; people don’t care anymore about what fancy line you have or how good your scripted pitch sounds. However, to get into consumers mouths you must first be able to leave a desired impression which is ONLY done by touching their hearts and leaving consumers with an emotionally significant impact that touches the soul. Assuming whatever the product is its good, business will exponentially grow and could easily have the potential for a global reach.



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Social Media Live Training – Snapchat for Business!! 

A one stop shop for all your professional Snapchat needs!

I am now offering live training workshops both on site & digitally for those looking to take their social future to the next level. 
Hosted through a live-streaming app, you will seamlessly integrate into one of the most uncharted areas found in the social world and yet it is not quite recognized as one of the most VALUABLE professional networking resources around today!!
Storytelling, video streaming, open communication & strategic branding campaigns! 


Scan this code or click directly to add Ashley on Snapchat

SoPac, Inc. is a digital coworking resource for resource management; focusing solely on data analysis and identifying synchronicity’s we are able to ailign mutually beneficial relationships across industries! 


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Follow the Journey – #EdTech StartUp

Follow the Journey – #EdTech StartUpSign up here for news and updates on the progression of SoPac, Inc.; a digital platform acting as an access point to strategically partner and align mutually beneficial relationships in a model that streamline’s the overall supply chain process and increasing productivity.
Bringing human networking to the digital world, connecting the workforce as a united entity.

You are who you hang out with!

Think: Uber meet’s Angie’s List with an AirB&B quality check, like UpWork or Fiverr but ALL INDUSTRY inclusive.

Sharing my energetic passion and contagious enthusiasm for the VALUE in embracing technology and empowering those with the drive to learn is what I was born to do; I’m a meaning maker! I have an a gift and a passion to help all the “regular” people understand what the digital transformation means in regards to bigdata. I make sense of what digital technology and data science can do a resource tool and how embracing social media and the capabilities as people, rather than companies, can empower the real-world small businesses, entrepreneurs, tradesmen, retail, service, automotive, and creative professionals the knowledge and the know how of how they can do it themselves. 

Bringing human interaction in the digital world so anyone with a startup or established small businesses can not only compete on an even playing field as corporate america but they can WIN and benefit from utilizing the same capabilities and resources available to Google, Apple, or Ford by using right in the palm of your hand.

SoPac, Inc. is funding to build an opt-in, digital co-working platform bringing the change makers together as a digital workforce, interdependent on each other to function as a relationship economy.  

I’m excited to pursue this passion and happy to have others learn from my experiences, the good, bad, and the ugly! Thanks for caring.If you have any questions, comments, or just want to say “Hi!” Feel free to reach out below!!

Thank you for taking interest in my startup journey as an accidental entrepreneur, female founder, and CEO of SoPac, Inc. helping small businesses make a SOCIAL iMPACT in the digital economy by utilizing social media strategically, to create and establish trustworthy, and recognizable brand that exponentially increases profit and productivity.

Join the waitlist of early users here!


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SoPac, Inc.

Social Impact Branding, Inc gives each one of it’s members the individuality to be a business owner, but also has the strong support system helping them to understand that failure is not an option.

When it comes to advertising, Social Impact Branding Inc is very proud to show the investor over 50% gain on their investment with personalized target marketing, efficient use of time and effort needed to actually create a profitable, effective online presence.

Through the hottest, most personalized social media platforms like Snapchat, Anchor, audio-only platforms, special events, community engagement via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and many more, I am able to have a global presence that is awesome. Turn your presence in Social media into a business that will allow you to become a business owner. Social Impact Branding Inc, Have your freedom today.