Hi! I’m Ashley and I’m here to help you do you better! You see, I’ve come to realize that the majority of people are following a career path out of convinience rather than passion… 
It’s the only way!

Hi! I’m Ashley and I’m here to help you do you better! You see, I’ve come to realize that the majority of people are following a career path out of convinience rather than passion & well… I am just NOT OKAY with that!

You don’t have to be miserable!

You don’t have to miss out!

You don’t have to just deal with it!

This is the journey as an accidental entrepreneur, female founder, and CEO of SoPac, Inc. Feel free to browse around and read about my thoughts on the future of work and the impact of personal branding for professional growth.

Simplifying social media by making sense of the Value in BigData & then translating it into layman’s terms… that’s my TALENT! – Ashley K

Wouldn’t it be nice if your time spe t on social media was productive instead of procrastinative? Spend your time building  PERSONAL BRAND rather than building some company brand by making it about You!







Use social media to leverage your network into a personal brand & growth hack the digital economy to POWER YOUR DREAMS!


Simplifying Social by Making it Simple.


Who say’s you can’t put a square inside a circle?

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#AskAshleyK – Bio



Hello there from a lifelong, born & bread Minnesotan, mother of three rambunctious shadows, loving wife to a 4th child, (I mean hardworking husband of course), lifelong student and long standing veteran in the local hospitality service industry (bartender/waitress) turned to a globally recognized social media consultant, public speaker, motivational coach and Snapchat influencer!

Living the quiet life, like that of many Minnesotans until recently; after a quick 10+ years of college now officially a college graduate (#IAmAPhoenix – #WeRise) turned full blown accidental entrepreneur building a social marketplace / coworking business from the ground up after organically growing a LinkedIn audience from 600 to over 3000 in just 6 weeks from blogging thru my personal branding experience thru the Twin Cities.

As a personal development coach I specialize in leadership development, stress management, solution-based problem-solving skills, improving self-confidence and embracing optimism. I’m very straightforward and practical when it comes to self-awareness and discovering the minds subconscious behaviors that inhibit people from moving forward, yet compassionate to the time and energy it takes to consciously practice a happier life style.

It’s not really a job to me, because it’s my passion to empower women and truly help them be the best person they can be in all aspects of life. Whether it’s family, personal, romantic, or professional issues that are holding you back I can provide you the tools to release the negative energy and lead a happier life by not caring about any of the drama anymore.

I founded SoPac,Inc., an edtech startup embracing BigData and the IoT by identifying  synchronicities and connecting small business, startups, & entrepreneurs globally. SoPac uses social impact branding to leverage the digital economy thru social media; Ashley will teach you more effective ways to grow your business and use social marketing and media to brand yourself and your business online. #AskAshleyK to mentor you on strategic ways to use social marketing to your advantage.

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Keynote Speaker | Panelist | Meaning Maker

What particular areas do you think are of the highest value for your attendees?

  • Navigating the terrain of Technology Innovation?
  • Personal Branding in the relationship economy?
  • Growth hacking social media productive?
  • Self awareness starts with being selfish?
  • Competition thru collaboration within communities built on camraderie? 

If this is where your purpose lies I would love  discuss what I can bring to the mix. I have an extensive professional network of contacts personally grown over the last year thru sharing my personal stories of overcoming endless challenges with contagious enthusiasm and never ending optimism and documenting my journey as an accidental entrepreneur and female founder of an edtech startup social marketplace for the future of work, digitally simplified. 
Keynote Speaker | Panelist | Meaning Maker

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Press Room

Press Room


AskAshleyK | Ashley Kruempel

Ashley is an up and coming social media super-star, and a really great person to know as she is a social butterfly who has connected with the top social media influencers on earth (including me!).
She is hard at work developing new apps and ways for young talented people to connect and find more work than ever before.

She also runs a social marketing startup agency of her own.

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Offering small business owners, entrepreneurs, millennial CEO’s the help and social technology integration & adaptation training!

SoPac provides an undeniably priceless return on invest & can increase revenue by 30-50%  by creating high value content relevant to their target market.
Effectively using Social Impact Branding as a direct, instant access point to collaborative opportunities and pertinent information significantly drives profit & cuts costs by streamlining human interactions and automating project management.

Making a social impact is the key point when operating SMB’S, Startup, brick and mortar or an e-commerce  business  that has multiple touch points; humanize the brand and you will drastically change the  overall efficiency and productivity internally, external confidence to stakeholders, and of course improving the workforce ecosystem economically by exponentially building communities of consumers.

An all-inclusive concierge service for social media platforms beginning with professionally branding public profiles, educating and/or training on stategic marketing with characteristic stacking capabilities, ad spend directive for Social Media & public relations support for a direct call to action. Personal branding is investing in yourself, & Social Impact Branding is purchasing the power of perspective; think about the kind of social impact that will leave and then ask yourself if that’s the kind Legacy your Digital Print will leave on this generation.

Become part of the TEAM and we will build a business that is going to be a POWER-HOUSE enterprise in there Social Branding Industry. Join your fellow social practitioners and meaning makers by taking action in the architecture and cognitive design thinking transition translating the value into an understandable human perspective.



Snapchat is an incremental part of the millennial culture and utilizing Snapchat as a business tool provides access to interject directly into the personal lives of targeted audiences. Varying from marketing campaigns, strategic promotional opportunities, and a direct line of communication while also bringing a personable perception for brands to gain a humanistic perception organically forming relationships both internally and externally.