Do you work the system or let the system work you?

Come & learn how to work the system…don’t let the system work you! 

Don’t run from technology and just wait for it to consume you… MASTER IT!

Work that hustle & hustle to be smarter than the ioT!

Social media Or Social Muder?

Massive Chaos or a Fantasy Escape? 

Rise to fame or dig your grave? 

“Pick up your phone and do something with your life, we will show you how to tackle the world from the palm of your hand!” 

Social Impact Mastermind 

Competition through collaboration!

Enrollment opening soon.

Startup Crowdsourcing for Snapchat Professionals

​Calling All Snapchat Creators, Consultants, & Collaborators!! 

Below is the link where I need you to go and register an account, then I can you’re content to be distributed and sold or utilized & outsourced directly to, on-demand, as needed, in a first come first serve basis. 

Many of you are aware that this is a long time in the making and I’ve poured my heart & soul into it….so I’m really counting on my network to come through for me here! 

This is THE JOURNEY of a startup entrepreneur; one giant leap for Snap@Work butjust baby step number 1 for SoPac, Inc. – A Digital HR/PR Agency! 

**Do a fellow entrepreneur a favor and pass this on to any content creators looking to pick up more work!!

Log in HERE

More details coming very soon!

Here’s an opportunity to pick up an extra $100 bucks! 

Just a little pointer out there for any of my fellow entrepreneurs… I’ve done a lot of these quick and easy research studies & easily picked up a couple hundred extra bucks in a few hours… Just wanted to pass this one along!

Hi Ashley- We need your referrals please!!!


Focus Pointe Global, Minneapolis is conducting a research study related to Current Events. We are seeking males and females age 18-29 to participate.


Those who are qualified and participate in this research group will earn $100 for their time and opinions.


Please feel free to send this message to males and females age 18-29 to participate.


Anyone age 18-29 may answer the questions listed below and submit their responses to:


All responses will be reviewed and those who prequalify will receive a phone call to complete the screening process.


Please tell us:


Your Name:


Your Age:


Your Gender:


Your Phone Number:


A. Do you own your own home?




1. Yes

2. No 


B. What is your employment status?




1. Employed full time 

2. Employed part time 

3. Unemployed

4. Retired

5. Other


C. How would you describe your political outlook?




1. Very liberal 

2. Somewhat liberal 

3. Moderate leaning liberal

4. Exactly in the middle, and voted Clinton

5. Exactly in the middle, and voted Trump 

6. Moderate leaning conservative 

7. Somewhat conservative 

8. Very conservative

9. I did not vote in the 2016 election


D. When it comes to your background, are you…




1. Caucasian 

2. Hispanic-American 

3. Native-American

4. Asian-American

5. African-American 

6. Other


Thank you for your help today. We will review all answers and call those who qualify based on your answers above.


Have a great day!


Focus Pointe Global



Hello there from a lifelong, born & bread Minnesotan, mother of three rambunctious shadows, loving wife to a 4th child, (I mean hardworking husband of course), lifelong student and long standing veteran in the local hospitality service industry (bartender/waitress) turned to a globally recognized social media consultant, public speaker, motivational coach and Snapchat influencer!

Living the quiet life, like that of many Minnesotans until recently; after a quick 10+ years of college now officially a college graduate (#IAmAPhoenix – #WeRise) turned full blown accidental entrepreneur building a social marketplace / coworking business from the ground up after organically growing a LinkedIn audience from 600 to over 3000 in just 6 weeks from blogging thru my personal branding experience thru the Twin Cities.

As a personal development coach I specialize in leadership development, stress management, solution-based problem-solving skills, improving self-confidence and embracing optimism. I’m very straightforward and practical when it comes to self-awareness and discovering the minds subconscious behaviors that inhibit people from moving forward, yet compassionate to the time and energy it takes to consciously practice a happier life style.

It’s not really a job to me, because it’s my passion to empower women and truly help them be the best person they can be in all aspects of life. Whether it’s family, personal, romantic, or professional issues that are holding you back I can provide you the tools to release the negative energy and lead a happier life by not caring about any of the drama anymore.

Ashley founded SoPac,Inc., an edtech startup embracing BigData and the IoT by identifying  synchronicities and connecting small business, startups, & entrepreneurs globally. SoPac uses social impact branding to leverage the digital economy thru social media; Ashley will teach you more effective ways to grow your business and use social marketing and media to brand yourself and your business online. #AskAshleyK to mentor you on strategic ways to use social marketing to your advantage.

Meet the Female Founder & Accidental Entrepreneur

snap_img_1469512736836-01Allow me to introduce myself, first I am a wife and a mother of three precious children, I am a knowledge seeker a lifelong learner, I am a networking enthusiast with an endlessly optimistic perception on life.

My contagiously energetic and enthusiastic extroverted personality has always made it very easy for me to not only relate but effectively communicate with multiple industry professionals on all levels unintentionally led me to realize my undeniable talent for bringing people together. Now, I am officially pursuing my passion as an accidental entrepreneur on a mission to help others become inspired and motivated with knowledge on how they too can easily create a significant social impact…



I recently founded an innovative social impact branding business that focusing on aligning real world market trends to projective forecasting strategies based off consumer driven target marketing. Through comprehensive research, data analysis, and continuous multi-industry technology advancements, the tools for success are LITERALLY instantly accessible around the world from the palm of your hand!

Traditional marketing, advertising, and push sales techniques are rapidly losing consumer interest and in fact deterring potential future consumers. I’m confident that historic and current business principles are not just facing a millennial trend of innovative creativity but eventually will be replaced by authentic, relationship based business partnerships interconnected thru a globally social networking platform. For the consumers to be in control, they must take advantage of not only the using these social platforms to promote brand awareness but more importantly seize the opportunity to present relevant and transparent content personalized to industry specific current consumers! Personalizing and coordinating the context of potential content to suit the varying demographics and culturally diverse characteristics of consumers has been statistically proven as exponentially effective way of individualized target marketing….

Just look at Google, Yahoo, Netflix, or Spotify: perfect examples of how applying statistically proven data correlations to company specific marketing campaigns are undeniably effective in significantly increasing customer acquisition, cutting costs, and instilling loyalty through building actual emotional relationships with customers. It has definitely been socially noted, but I predict that the ONLY way to get to, and stay relevant, to consumers is through word of mouth; people don’t care anymore about what fancy line you have or how good your scripted pitch sounds. However, to get into consumers mouths you must first be able to leave a desired impression which is ONLY done by touching their hearts and leaving consumers with an emotionally significant impact that touches the soul. Assuming whatever the product is its good, business will exponentially grow and could easily have the potential for a global reach.

This blog will be dedicated to highlighting startup life, entreprenurial updates, showcasing current successful businesses making a social impacts, and engaging in authentic collaborative conversations as a progressive community via live-stream, individual & public posts thru comment threads. 

We welcome all to join in and encourage collective participation and sharing of knowledge & resources to deliver the most current & relevant content.