It’s the only way!

Thank you for taking interest in my journey as an accidental entrepreneur, female founder, and CEO of SoPac, Inc.

“I help growing businesses make a SOCIAL iMPACT by leveraging their existing social networks to create an established, trustworthy, and recognizable personal brand to growth hack new customer acquisition, engage directly with consumers, and cut costs in the digital architecture to maximize profit potential!” – Ashley Kruempel

Thru embracing technology and empowering those with the drive to learn, I help people understand and make sense of BigData and what it means to “the little people.” Feel free to browse around and read about my thoughts on the future of work and the impact of personal branding for professional growth. 

I’m excited to pursue this passion and happy to have others learn from my experiences, the good, bad, and the ugly! 

Who say's you can't put a square inside a circle?

Who say’s you can’t put a square inside a circle?