The Journey

Hi! I’m Ashley and I’m here to help you do you better!

You see, I’ve come to realize that the majority of people are following a career path out of convinience rather than passion.

Feel free to browse around and read about my thoughts on the future of work and the impact of personal branding for professional growth.

 This is the journey as an accidental entrepreneur, female founder, and CEO of SoPac, Inc. 


Simplifying social media by making sense of the value in BigData & then translating it into an easy to understand way that is both practical and actionable.

 – Ashley Kruempel


Wouldn’t it be nice if your time spent on social media was productive instead of procrastinative? Spend your time building  PERSONAL BRAND rather than building some company brand by making it about You!





Use social media to leverage your network into a personal brand & growth hack the digital economy to POWER YOUR DREAMS!


Simplifying Social by Making it Simple.

Social means being able to see the bigger picture from outside the box looking in, or from inside the box looking out…

Who say’s you can’t put a square inside a circle?


Creative. Passionate. Persistent. Ashley’s energy and positivity is contagious! She always seems to be thinking forward and seeing the potential in everything. I’m glad to know someone like her that actually gets me & can keep pushing me to do better.



Aaron “Chico” Rodriguez

Marketing Management capabilities related to understanding the demographics of customers and potential customers, including segmentation, buying patterns, and marketing relationships.
Ashley has the ability to understand how customers respond to marketing messages, management of campaigns toward target segments, and responding to customer end-actions. She has become an authority on using Snapchat as a key tool for market segment-level interaction.

Her passion has led to becoming an entrepreneur who will use her Marketing Management skills in helping others increase their brand awareness and sales activities.


Arthur L. Burris, Jr., MBA, M

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