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AskAshleyK | Ashley Kruempel

Ashley is an up and coming social media super-star, and a really great person to know as she is a social butterfly who has connected with the top social media influencers on earth (including me!).
She is hard at work developing new apps and ways for young talented people to connect and find more work than ever before.

She also runs a social marketing startup agency of her own.

Every week, we interview a Snapchat marketing influencer on how they use the app to grow their business to find out how you can too.

Now there has been 10 of these interviews, it seems like a good time to recap the best tips so far.

So we have rediscovered the best lessons from each interview and put them together here.

Today we are speaking to Ashley Kruempel. Ashley is an entrepreneur, the Founder and CEO of SoPac. She took the time to share her Snapchat knowledge and thoughts on the future of the platform.

In the interview Ashley talks about how she connected 30 countries with the #globalsnapswap movie, they 3 keys to Snapchat success and her thoughts on how Instagram’s new story feature will affect Snapchat.

Hey Ashley, it’s great to meet you! Could you tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?

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Snapchat Memories for Business

Memories Creates New Marketing Opportunities
The resounding response among the experts is that Memories creates monumentally new opportunities for business. It’s not only a fancy new tool in the Snapchat toolbox, but also a separate compartment in the toolbox offering an array of options to the user.

Brands can now tastefully weave in promotional graphics and pre-recorded content that enhances their overall storytelling, says Erica Blair, a marketing strategist and creator of the Facebook


WomenInTech Takeover-


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