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A social platform connecting people with the resources and skills to leverage technology and social media to empower their business as well as matchmaking social impact branding services specific to their company specific needs on demand.

SoPac is a social impact branding marketplace designed as a digital coworking engine completely disrupting the HR, and PR industry as we know it by simplifying and solidifying the way the future of work  really looks. Powered through IOT cloud computing and cognitive predictive forecasting, the cross functionality of analyzing massive amounts of real-time data allows us to simplify and smartify the ability and accessibility for people to embrace the  Power of technology fully through this digital transformation.


Technology is not slowing down and neither is the growing entrepreneurial community  expected to be at 40% self employed by the year 2020, SoPac is building an end to eND solution system meant to empower all growing professionals whether they be a start up,  job seeking candidates, C level corporate  board members, global stakeholders, fortune 500 companies all the way to serial entrepreneurs: they all need access to  authentic material, relevant information, and a transparent environment of collective resources, services, and opportunities to build their brand and grow professionally with confidence.

A digital Safehaven and home base where creativity and innovation take precedent two standard protocol and the security of seniority; A place where people cannot only go to learn the skills  and find new work, but a place for people to go to be put to work!


We see the future as an economy where people no longer have to apply for jobs, but rather can shop for employers just as businesses will be able to pinpoint and pick their prime choice candidates. Career trends are rapidly changing and the growing professional workforce is fully committed to embracing tHR value in working multiple jobs across multiple industries throughout the length of their careers; so when are we going to start building the corporate infrastructure that supports that model?

“We see the future as an economy where people no longer have to apply for jobs, but rather can shop for employers”

Small business owners to corporate enterprises with the proper access  to this innovative technology as well as the resources to successfully execute said training & technological knowledge people first need to understand the value in human interaction and honest communication digitally through social integration.

Facebook is becoming google,  Google is becoming an encyclopedia, and social media is becoming the Internet. Regardless of how socially inclusive you choose to be, postponing the inevitable arrival of this relationship economy or procrastinating understanding the power thru digital presence could be professional suicide or detrimental for building brand reputations. img_6843

This is not a rapid movement or even a massive disruption In regards to digital innovation, in fact this Marketplace doesn’t even live in fruition for 10 to 15 years.  In fact it’s not even meant for this generation,  to set the next generation up for success by becoming a social toop meant to empower continued innovation  for personal branding with the same capabilities as a corporate enterprise.  Opt in Capabilities, security and governance, and on-demand matchmaking in a first come first serve basis creates a realistic solution just as powerful as Facebook is to businesses; because it’s a slow & grow approach, purpose driven, smack stacking  software designed to identify real time synchronicity’s between the needs and demands of the sharing economy.

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