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Ashley is a social media strategist, business owner, motivational public speaker, personal branding coach, and women in leadership activist. She has worked with an array of clients from health & lifestyle, corporate teams, small business owners, e-commerce, tech entrepreneurs, mid size IT companies, nonprofits, entertainment artists, corporate hospitality managers, special events for food and beverage industry, coordinating and executing special events, all the way to in depth discoveries sessions resulting in new business formation for stay-at-home moms as well as veterans.


 I Believe Social Selling Should Be Simple!


Her startup, SoPac, Inc. is a full service strategic digital media agency built directly off Ashley’s personal experiences and opportunities to consult with individuals, train teams, and coach executives on the values in EQ over IQ, building company culture thru team moral, and moving personal and professional brands forward with technology solutions to become digital leverage on the digital landscape effectively jumpstarting the word-of-mouth train with growth hacking and organic storytelling.

“Our clients are able to save money by reducing their ad spend cost, preventing loss from employee errors, increase revenue margins, and increase internal productivity levels; How’s that for an ROI?”

I believe the key to success in sales is to simply stop selling and start sharing solutions! It starts with building up your personal network and getting social.



My network has become my family, my mentors, my clients, and now my team including:

Elusive Exclusive Experts

Through 20-plus years of experience, we’ve developed a full-service marketing/PR/HR agency that builds digital ecosystems to connect brands and customers. We support CMOs and their IT colleagues with best-in-class website and application development, CRM integration, marketing automation, unified analytics, governance, hosting, and managed services. We use behavioral data to develop elegantly targeted brand strategy, creative, content, and media. We deliver integrated solutions that create human connection and transform business.

Performance-Built Technology

Brand experiences today require advanced technology that responds, delivers, and scales to meet consumer and business demand. Responsive digital platforms are now mission critical for marketers. We support and extend that mandate, with full-service technology that powers personalization, back-end integration, and unified analytics to measure engagement and marketing performance.

Strategic Storytelling

Strategy is the foundation of high-performance marketing, steeped in audience insight, media strategy, user experience, and brand expression. Combined with artistic talent and creative spark, brand stories come to life in new ways, pushing content marketing and advertising to a higher place of connection and resonance.

Return on Insight

We’re a fiercely independent shop focused on achieving client success and then measuring results. We believe in getting to market quickly and testing ideas to make them better. We work with clients big and small, delivering maximum value for every budget. We combine the ability of a global firm with the agility of a start-up to make challenger brands famous.


Our team of talented designers can create  beautiful logo and brand to encapsulate your business purpose and goals.


Need a website? We’ve got you covered. Our design team will work to transform your brand into a stunning site design.


We have a large team of developers to bring your vision to life. Whether you need a landing page or a WordPress site, our brilliant developers have got you covered.


Need help putting together content for your website? We can help. Our team of content strategists will get your site on track.


Any good site needs to be found. We can put together marketing campaigns to get you lots of new customers, and attract leads through search engine optimization.


Putting together a video ad for your business? We can help you shoot, produce, edit, and release it.


Need the best in the business? Bring in that top to your talent by utilizing our extensive contact list of social influencers covering all industries.

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5 Easy Ways Companies can Snap at Work!

5 Easy Ways Companies can Snap at Work!

How this Female Founder is Leading the Pack for B2B Marketing on Snapchat as an Accidental Entrepreneur.










I think that the majority of us can agree now that Snapchat isn’t going anywhere but up and there’s seems to be a craze or confusion on how to utilize this tool efficiently or what to share on a Snapstory when it comes to business, just as many users are still struggling to see the value in the platform all together. It cannot be ignored though that Snapchat has over 10 Billion active users per day and according to Joel Capperella, who recently published, “How Businesses can use Snapchat” quoted 14% of active users are now OVER the age of 35, so it’s not just for the young people anymore! In fact, NOW is the best time for companies to jump on board and fully engage before the platform becomes overcrowded and highly engaged with established brands at which time creating an impact would be highly difficult.

I cannot speak for everyone, nor can I respectfully tell you what to do…. But what I can do is tell you what I have been able to accomplish in the few months that I have been snapping for business purposes and have created some highly engaged and authentic relationships with several leading industry professionals not only across the country but around the globe!


Contrary to what others are saying, it is not going to be at least a year before you’re able to find new connections within Snapchat because there absolutely IS a discovery app, in fact there’s two that I know of. One I use regularly to not only grow my own personal brand but to learn from professionals before me that are setting an example, sharing the content, and unbelievably accessible it is crazy to think I was snapping messaging with Chris Saaca just weeks into my Snaplife…

The reach goes so much further and relationships are the key term to the new way of marketing. Here’s 5 easy examples right off the top of my head.

  1. Memories for B2B- Think of this like auto DM on Twitter… in the beginning! Meaning when you want to intro yourself or your favorite interests the new memories app is a place to keep stories, and individual snaps, organized and labeled in public or password protected areas! For Businesses this would save soooo much time, energy, and resources if you can forward your introduction to the purpose of your company on a regular basis.
  2. Discovery – Ummm… helllooo people…. Have you not heard of Ghostcodes??? This app has been out for at least 2 or 3 months provides so much undeniable value as a prospecting tool with quantifiable source checks just one click away. I see Ghostcodes as so much more than a snapchat discovery tool, or popularity contest to see who is on the featured wall today but as more of a digital resume allowing a personal view inside their digital life to just browse around before even initiating any form of literal contact…. Can we say, Time saver!! How many times have you entered into a meeting with high hopes and big expectations only to find a major disappointment or simply just a waste of valuable time you’ll never be able to get back?
  3. Restaurants – Take your snap into the kitchen and give your guests an inside view of the dinner rush from the back of the house! This should only help the overall perceptions of restaurants in the end, assuming they are not cutting health and safety standards, because it’s a way to involve the guest into the dining experience as a whole and not just a mouth waiting impatiently for a plate but will show the true chaos and rush that service industry professionals go thru on a regular basis.
  4. Storytelling– Not sure why anybody thinks this is a toughy for corporate B2B situations because clearly they must not have heard what a “Snapswap” is, because for corporate companies and businesses that are stationed across the states, or even internationally, Snapswaps are a way to bring in a new face and some new energy to the same cause so simply by passing the Snapportunity around different departments and even countries the company is able to promote unison between cultures but also portray an emotional connection to the business through allowing different employees to snap at work.
  5. Collaboration – It was not long after I started my own company that I began engaging with established, veteran Snappers. The first initial was of course being (my very new and one and only role-model or idol at that point) Gary Vee who is basically paving the way for the rest of the natural digital marketers to leave cold methods in the past and truly embrace the technology that is staring us right in the face, from the palm of our hands as we are living in a world completely connected electronically at ALL TIMES, for the very first time in history. By being authentic, and relevant, and transparent ( it’s A.R.T.) I was able to organically create valuable relationships with over 30 different social influencers or mediapreneurs around the world, granted I was very lucky to have had 30 participants not only agree but who more than happy to take part in the #globalsnapswap initiative I had started.

The #GlobalSnapSwap film is an epic community collaborative creation that was put together in no more than a week by myself where I had each participant take over my Snapchannel for a short period of time to give us a real time, real live view, of where they were at in the world, all in one day. So at the end of the day on May 1st, I was left with a little over an hour worth of film that basically is a trip, around the world from the palm of your hand from a first person perspective tour guide, in real time. It’s nothing less than amazing, in fact one viewer said, “it was better than watching the travel channel” and the entire initiative was put together solely by me in just a matter of days! Now, I can only take the credit for the conception, and initial execution, because without the amazing help some of the participants so kindly offered to help me with in regards to editing as well as how each one of the participants went out of their way to provide some very interesting and factual information about their location which made the movie worth watching. Check out the preview below…


If these 5 short examples don’t clear the fog up a bit for you please reach out and I’ll share 5 more that are industry relatable to you; or better yet, just sign up for my Snapchat for B2B Marketing Live training course launching later today or tomorrow at where I’ll be teaching this to my local Minneapolis/St. Paul area as well as digitally to anyone else whose interested. In the meantime, cheers to the future of a global gig economy where consumers are actually on an even playing field with the corporate head dogs.




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Social Selling & Inclusion Marketing



Turning passion in life into a CAREER thru human interaction and engaging opportunities collaborating, creating, & consulting with clients from all professional walks of life.

We specialize in public branding, social media integration, specialized target marketing campaigns all the way through social strategies, automated information, and large business multi-platform account management.
Put your marketing budget back to work for you when coordinating special events, email marketing campaigns, organic audience growth with STORY TELLING!
Social media has become the PRIMARY choice platform for our clients target consumers; if small businesses today don’t have an online presence they essentially don’t really exist…. 

Personal branding behind the purpose and reason for the company’s existence has become a CRUCIAL need touching ideal markets; I focus on re-distributing marketing and advertising budgets to a community engagement perspective and simply building a presence up through social media. 

Our strategies are saving clients thousands of dollars while simultaneously boosting company morale helping teach and train how utilize social media with whatever internal resources are available.

SoPac,Inc. is now managing multiple collaborative projects while also offering an array of services to perspective clients and established relationships with LinkedIn profiles, Facebook engagement, Instagram image growth, Twitter automation, Pinterest purpose….. Simplifying the value for B2B Snapchat strategies with Snap@Work, for small companies of only a few individuals (even if it’s only 1), mid-size company, or public events & conferences. Specialized Snapchat consulting, lunch and learn training sessions, public speaking social strategist and interactive company workshops with entrepreneurs/small businesses, cool startups, pretty much any company in growth mode with a marketing budget learn to maneuver social media like a chess game through data analysis.

  • Social Impact Branding provides products and services specifically in social media TRAINING / CONSULTING/ MANAGEMENT maintenance program!
  • Spotlighting employment positions and brand leaders in relationship management, authentic story telling,  organic business networking resulting in HIGHER sales marks, create RELEVANT valued based content.
  • Our clients are those who want to be recognized for dedication to high QUALITY production, balanced atmosphere with a rewarding work environment in VALUES embracing diversity, team culture, and innovative social branding trends inevitably producing CREATIVE & LOYAL employees.
  • Social Impact Branding, Inc gives each one of it’s members the individuality to be a business owner, but also has the strong support system helping them to understand that failure is not an option.
  • When it comes to advertising, Social Impact Branding Inc is very proud to show the investor over 50% gain on their investment with personalized target marketing, efficient use of time and effort needed to actually create a profitable, effective online presence.

Through the hottest, most personalized social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram,,  & other livestreaming platforms, special events, community engagement via Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and many more, I am able to have a global presence that is awesome. Turn your presence in Social media into a business that will allow you to become a business owner. Social Impact Branding Inc, Have your freedom today.


Social Impact Branding is all about covering the essential need for understanding how to work social media and helping companies save money, cut costs, increase customer acquisition, and essentially be a resource saving tool! SOCIAL iMPACT BRANDING brings companies together to do business more efficiently and effectively through a community collaborative coworking digital environment!

Working towards building a certified and trustworthy web app, SOCIAL iMPACT BRANDING mission is in maximizing the utilization of global, accredited resources as a regular solution center when it comes to your small businesses digital needs. By connecting entrepreneurs with each other they are able to grow professionally at a faster rates and produce higher quality work.  Fancy science terms it’s analyzing big data treats to identify synchronicity’s and then strategically matching mutually beneficial relationships together through data matching: like Tinder, lol! 

There’s a huge amount of technology and data surrounding the millenials & past generations…instead of trying to close the gap, we just cover it all by acting as an intermediary access point for the demand of products for projects to be completed directly to the suppliers that can complete those projects.

The framework of SOCIAL iMPACT BRANDING already exists; social media platforms, technology growth, and cloud advancement has become so innovative that for the first time in history, electricity framework and digital mapping constantly connects the entire GLOBE, at all times (in real time), together as one unit and social impact branding takes out the need for doing anything other than the work you want to be doing.


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Don't run from the future… Join the social impact!



Now, officially a growing start-up fueled by passion & an accidental entrepreneur SoPac is on a mission to help others embrace technology become inspired and motivated with knowledge on how they too can easily create a significant social impact…

I recently founded an innovative social impact branding business that focusing on real world market trends and projective strategizing based off consumer driven business markets. Through comprehensive research, data analysis, and continuous multi-industry technology advancements, the tools for success are LITERALLY instantly accessible around the world from the palm of your hand!

Traditional marketing, advertising, and push sales techniques are rapidly losing consumer interest and in fact deterring potential future consumers. I’m confident that historic and current business principles are not just facing a millennial trend of innovative creativity but eventually will be replaced by authentic, relationship based business partnerships interconnected thru a globally social networking platform. For the consumers to be in control, they must take advantage of not only the using these social platforms to promote brand awareness but more importantly seize the opportunity to present relevant and transparent content personalized to industry specific current consumers! Personalizing and coordinating the context of potential content to suit the varying demographics and culturally diverse characteristics of consumers has been statistically proven as exponentially effective way of individualized target marketing….

Just look at Google, Yahoo, Netflix, or Spotify: perfect examples of how applying statistically proven data correlations to company specific marketing campaigns are undeniably effective in significantly increasing customer acquisition, cutting costs, and instilling loyalty through building actual emotional relationships with customers. It has definitely been socially noted, but I predict that the ONLY way to get to, and stay relevant, to consumers is through word of mouth; people don’t care anymore about what fancy line you have or how good your scripted pitch sounds. However, to get into consumers mouths you must first be able to leave a desired impression which is ONLY done by touching their hearts and leaving consumers with an emotionally significant impact that touches the soul. Assuming whatever the product is its good, business will exponentially grow and could easily have the potential for a global reach.



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When Your Cover Letter Turns into a Sales Pitch

Hello there First name of CEO & Their Crew!
First off, let me say what an amazing purpose COMPANY X is built on, supporting the TARGET MARKET workforce economy is a long overdue task and often overlooked population within the workforce economy that thuroughly deserves and needs the recognition. Hats off for rooting for the underdog!
Second, after learning more about the foundation and formation of COMPANY X straight from source and CEO themself (at the BLANK event last week) I left beyond impresssed and inspired to spread that contagious natural passion. I felt such a connection with the values and morals because of how similar so many of challenges and issues I faced in over 15 years in the service industry waiting tables and tending bar I suffered through and the company paid the price for due to scheduling issues. YCompany was around at one point but only at one restaurant, I sympathize with the purpose of this probably more than most and with all my connections in the restaurant and hospitality industry you don’t have to tell me how valuable this is as an in investment for the company just alone based on the positive impact it has on the culture and productivity from the employees.
I’m passionate about to things, empowering the little people with the tools and knowledge to succeed independently in life and utilizing technology and the insane abundance of data available to us to help fineline that process of empowering those without a mass amount of corporate resources immediately available at no inconvinience or cost to you from an array of varying departments covering a multitude of abstract specialties that most people don’t even know exist let alone try to understand their purpose. No, small businesses often fail within the first 5 years and 9 times outta 10 its because of failing to execute streamlined business procedures as a commonly used and reasily accessibld business standard. Whether it be internally, mid-stream, or on the consumers end the solution always starts with the communication, and the the one who always suffers is the hourly employees.
I have experience in every way shape and form there is as an hourly employee, from minimum wage plus tips to an hourly base plus commision standard to a $2.15 an hour wage that was never seen nor covered all the tax liability. I have a passion for helping people that is undeniably contagious and a natuaral enthusiasm that inspires my peers through my endlessly optimistic and persistantly positive solution based character and authentically inclusive genuine personality generally eases people into a relatively relaxed line of open and transpatent communication.
If this letter hasn’t bored your head off or been lost in the pile don’t hesitate to hear the voice behind the story, and call me in for an interview. I would be happy to come in, even if it is just to see an upclose view of the office in action. Eitherway it was an inspiration to hear you speak Mr. So & So and I will be rooting for your success in such an admirable cause.


Ashley Kruempel


SOCIAL iMPACT BRANDING, Inc.        Leveraging social media since 1999       (612)555-5555                              @AshleyKruempel

@SoPacInc GooglePlus & YouTube can be found searching

#AskAshleyK – SoPac,Inc. SOCIAL iMPACT BRANDING #TackletheWorld

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Top 13 reasons applying to jobs after midnight is a horrible idea.

Straight from the perpetrator and repeat offenders mouth, here are 13 reasons you probably shouldn’t apply for jobs after midnight:

13. Just like when your looking in the rear view mirror; Thing appear much closer than they really are. There’s no reason to be applying to a VP role when clearly you are entry level, no matter what your mom says.

12. Just like how beer goggles work late night at the bar, employed goggles take effect and make hideously unsuited positions look quite appealing… which is all fine and dandy until you get called in for an interview the next morning and have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about because you’ve never coded anything before in your life.
11. You desperately hope for any response from at least one of the hundred applications you’ve sent out so you start manipulating your responses to see which category may tip the ball in your court but then the company offers you the requested position at minimum wage which you cannot live on just as you asked.
10. You start applying to jobs over 35-40 miles from home and easily can justify how driving over 100 miles round trip daily is not a bad idea but an investment into your future…. future car that is because you know there’s no way you’re beater will survive thru a winter of that.
9. You start cut, copying, and pasting mass quantities of a standard generic cover letter trying to apply to as many jobs as possible because it will obviously improve your odds.
8. You start quantifying skills you briefly touched on during a class in high school as expertise level to qualify for jobs you most certainly have no grounds to be filling let alone considered.
7. You mistakenly attache a copy of your tax return as a resume because its just one click above the only file you’ve been staring at on a daily basis for the last day, week, or even month because it is the sole document and opitome of your purpose in the workforce.
6. You start using slang terms like what up and ttyl as professional examples of your esteemed communication skills.
5. You start questioning whether or not to fill in the optional cultural questions as you begin assuming you’re not being hired is because they’re are too many Caucasians already employed there and being a white American is actually doing you a disservices so you seriously consider what checking the Hispanic box would do for your odds.
4. You start saving you’re resume as Hire.Me.Im.a.Rockstar because you want that to be the first thing they will see when downloading or opening your word doc.
3. You start applying to jobs you will absolutely hate but since it’s the only one you haven’t applied to yet might as well not leave that one out, after all you’re not one to leave someone hanging on the outs in a schoolyard pick for dodge ball.

2. You try being nonchalant and mysterious for a cryptic approach you so adamantly believe will make the HAVE to call you just to find out more when in all actuality it gets thrown out after they can’t even understand the first few lines.
1. My number 1 reason you shouldn’t apply for jobs after midnight and so epically displayed in my previous article, When Your Cover Letter Turns into a Sales Pitch, and you start trying to convince them you know and understand the purpose of the company more than the actual founder.

I hope the satire and intended humorous approach is as easily identified as I feel I am laying it on as I write this post directly after committing my number 1 reason and it is well after midnight.

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Transforming Travel



I sit here for a pause and I try to adjust my jet lag, I can honestly say that I truly feel like I’ve traveled to the farthest of the East seeing some of the most magical wonders from the land down under onto the waters of New Zealand. Exploring to the north through the mysterious &;timeless traditions from Laos to Vietnam to the busy streets of hurried pedestrian surrounded with tables and tents of mountain merchandise in Korea.

And then on to the West through the long lasting foundation built thru core values and instilled morals, generations of loyalty, aristocratic legacies dated back centuries into the past. Learning through seeing the actual practice are not only cultural culturally diverse but spiritually embodied through hearing the persona of an individual perspective creates a Visual Nativity essentially transcribing principle behind the purpose of the unknown cannot be achieved without assumption or judgement towards cultural diversities of the unknown.


As I prepare to continue on his glorious Journey further to the West into the new aliens democracy and Independence I’m grateful for the history that was before me. When you take into consideration what it took to get where you are the forward projection begins to widen and become bright with an array options and endless opportunities. Materialistic possessions and conformity to traditional expectations become clearly defined as a consumption rather than a construction.

I invite you to join us on the second end of this epic and Unforgettable experience possible through the advancements in technology and appreciation of authentic relationships as we head to the tropical beauties stretching from the ocean and the Caribbean Sea all the way through the enormity of the unturned land as far north as Alaska. This is a #Globalsnapswap exploration into the virtual world through personal perspective.

Watch as the video unfolds in the midway point here: event page via Facebook


GOAL: 50 countries – 1 day – take a trip around the world from the palm of your hand! Let’s not only advanced in the technology but also embrace it through our minds and personalities that are altered through relationships. I truly hope that you all have enjoyed this experience as much as I have and I’m so grateful for each of the individuals for allowing us into their personal lives.

Stay tuned for the full film release! I’ll be linking it to the company LinkedIn page as well as to my YouTube Channel!!



Ashley Kruempel

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How did I get here: Tales of an accidental entrepreneur turned CEO.


I recently posted a short article titled, “Stop applying to jobs and searching job site post things and start #PersonalBranding” in a jobseeker forum via LikedIn and was surprisingly overwhelmed by the amount of positive feedback I received from my fellow peers. In the article I discuss my experience so far, #26weeks currently, in my job search. I, like many other Americans, am a prime example of the millennial generation today LOST in a pool of unemployed or underemployed college graduate.


It took me just over 10 years to officially complete college but I NEVER gave up, I always went back, because I knew from being told as a child that I could be anything I wanted to be at his moms I put my heart and soul, blood sweat and tears and followed through. I gained a husband and three children during those years that I am forever grateful for however I never lost that little voice inside me that do you I had the potential to become so much more, it just wasn’t my time yet. Now I struggle with high interest-rates, a pile of student loan debt, a bachelor’s degree (that’s pretty much equivalent of a high school diploma now) then I worked so hard for; after 10 weeks of nonstop applying to jobs, posting my resume to company site I realized that I couldn’t even get anybody to answer the phone, get an interview, or even take me serious (I have 15+ years in the service industry) let alone offer me a position!!!


Something had to change and that’s when I started #PersonalBranding myself. I’ve had a lot of people ask how I’ve managed to grow my network over 2000 people and actually become sought out by multiple companies at once ACCIDENTLY??  How did I network, what did I actually say and do to arrange all these coffee dates and phone calls with so many professionals in all levels of business, both blue-collar and white, and expand my network so rapidly? I started my LinkedIn account in September but really wasn’t able to put in my full effort until January, so honestly, even I admit to being very surprised at how fast my network expanded exponentially so easily to me… It was then I realized or maybe fully comprehended the fact that social media, and the logistics to working it as a machine comes naturally easy to me, I guess I didn’t really know that it was quite the rare quality and something many people face challenges with daily but I also truly believe anyone can do this, they just don’t have the right tools!! Well, I have simple as that works for me that I’d like to share with you.


I decided I better take a step back from applying for jobs that I don’t really want to do anyway start learning about jobs that I didn’t want to do. My degree is in business management with emphasis on marketing communication and I knew I wanted to be with a company that was fast pace, highly competitive; Money motivated, but also well respected by fellow business professional and would be able to either create or lead me to another job where I can actually have the lifestyle that I created. I found some advertising agencies and I can’t found some marketing firm and I started interviewing, like nonstop, for jobs I didn’t even want! But I looked at it as practice for the future, but more importantly a learning opportunity. People would ask me simple questions like what company do I work for or what kind of job are you looking for and it wasn’t until I actually had to answer the question that I realized I didn’t really know a whole lot about any of the companies in my area let alone what any of the role descriptions would be in for a job like advertising or marketing so the more people I met with the more information or data that I had to use when I made decisions. I also took a sweetie very seriously in regard to the impression that I left on the person and any advice they would give me. I was hoping you someway that these meetings would eventually help me find a job and/or land a career, but all they actually did was teach me about all the jobs I definitely didn’t want to do and all the reasons why I would hate to work there, and I don’t even know if I knew that’s what was happening but in retrospect the most valuable lesson I took from that was I was able to learn more about MYSELF!! You’d be surprised how fast you can narrow down your target skill set and desired industry area once you start crossing off all the positions that you’re qualified for (and probably can do) but do NOT provide an enjoyable environment to be, not only financially successful, but happy, passionate, and creative in. I mean initially that’s everybody’s end goal, right? Do what you love, so you love what you do because we can all be anything we want to be (as was taught all through childhood) as long as we put the time and effort in… So, now I have defined my talents, know my PASSION, and am insanely INSPIRED to follow my dreams….


… & thus: SoPac, Inc. was born! I am in SOCIAL IMPACT BRANDING and when people ask what that means, I tell them exactly what it says. This a solution to a problem people don’t understand they even have and I am currently in process of building my company from the ground up bootstrapping all the way! #SocialBranding #TackleTheWorld