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Hello there from a lifelong, born & bread Minnesotan, mother of three rambunctious shadows, loving wife to a 4th child, (I mean hardworking husband of course), lifelong student and long standing veteran in the local hospitality service industry (bartender/waitress) turned to a globally recognized social media consultant, public speaker, motivational coach and Snapchat influencer!

Living the quiet life, like that of many Minnesotans until recently; after a quick 10+ years of college now officially a college graduate (#IAmAPhoenix – #WeRise) turned full blown accidental entrepreneur building a social marketplace / coworking business from the ground up after organically growing a LinkedIn audience from 600 to over 3000 in just 6 weeks from blogging thru my personal branding experience thru the Twin Cities.

As a personal development coach I specialize in leadership development, stress management, solution-based problem-solving skills, improving self-confidence and embracing optimism. I’m very straightforward and practical when it comes to self-awareness and discovering the minds subconscious behaviors that inhibit people from moving forward, yet compassionate to the time and energy it takes to consciously practice a happier life style.

It’s not really a job to me, because it’s my passion to empower women and truly help them be the best person they can be in all aspects of life. Whether it’s family, personal, romantic, or professional issues that are holding you back I can provide you the tools to release the negative energy and lead a happier life by not caring about any of the drama anymore.

Ashley founded SoPac,Inc., an edtech startup embracing BigData and the IoT by identifying  synchronicities and connecting small business, startups, & entrepreneurs globally. SoPac uses social impact branding to leverage the digital economy thru social media; Ashley will teach you more effective ways to grow your business and use social marketing and media to brand yourself and your business online. #AskAshleyK to mentor you on strategic ways to use social marketing to your advantage.

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Social Selling & Inclusion Marketing



Turning passion in life into a CAREER thru human interaction and engaging opportunities collaborating, creating, & consulting with clients from all professional walks of life.

We specialize in public branding, social media integration, specialized target marketing campaigns all the way through social strategies, automated information, and large business multi-platform account management.
Put your marketing budget back to work for you when coordinating special events, email marketing campaigns, organic audience growth with STORY TELLING!
Social media has become the PRIMARY choice platform for our clients target consumers; if small businesses today don’t have an online presence they essentially don’t really exist…. 

Personal branding behind the purpose and reason for the company’s existence has become a CRUCIAL need touching ideal markets; I focus on re-distributing marketing and advertising budgets to a community engagement perspective and simply building a presence up through social media. 

Our strategies are saving clients thousands of dollars while simultaneously boosting company morale helping teach and train how utilize social media with whatever internal resources are available.

SoPac,Inc. is now managing multiple collaborative projects while also offering an array of services to perspective clients and established relationships with LinkedIn profiles, Facebook engagement, Instagram image growth, Twitter automation, Pinterest purpose….. Simplifying the value for B2B Snapchat strategies with Snap@Work, for small companies of only a few individuals (even if it’s only 1), mid-size company, or public events & conferences. Specialized Snapchat consulting, lunch and learn training sessions, public speaking social strategist and interactive company workshops with entrepreneurs/small businesses, cool startups, pretty much any company in growth mode with a marketing budget learn to maneuver social media like a chess game through data analysis.

  • Social Impact Branding provides products and services specifically in social media TRAINING / CONSULTING/ MANAGEMENT maintenance program!
  • Spotlighting employment positions and brand leaders in relationship management, authentic story telling,  organic business networking resulting in HIGHER sales marks, create RELEVANT valued based content.
  • Our clients are those who want to be recognized for dedication to high QUALITY production, balanced atmosphere with a rewarding work environment in VALUES embracing diversity, team culture, and innovative social branding trends inevitably producing CREATIVE & LOYAL employees.
  • Social Impact Branding, Inc gives each one of it’s members the individuality to be a business owner, but also has the strong support system helping them to understand that failure is not an option.
  • When it comes to advertising, Social Impact Branding Inc is very proud to show the investor over 50% gain on their investment with personalized target marketing, efficient use of time and effort needed to actually create a profitable, effective online presence.

Through the hottest, most personalized social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram,,  & other livestreaming platforms, special events, community engagement via Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and many more, I am able to have a global presence that is awesome. Turn your presence in Social media into a business that will allow you to become a business owner. Social Impact Branding Inc, Have your freedom today.


Social Impact Branding is all about covering the essential need for understanding how to work social media and helping companies save money, cut costs, increase customer acquisition, and essentially be a resource saving tool! SOCIAL iMPACT BRANDING brings companies together to do business more efficiently and effectively through a community collaborative coworking digital environment!

Working towards building a certified and trustworthy web app, SOCIAL iMPACT BRANDING mission is in maximizing the utilization of global, accredited resources as a regular solution center when it comes to your small businesses digital needs. By connecting entrepreneurs with each other they are able to grow professionally at a faster rates and produce higher quality work.  Fancy science terms it’s analyzing big data treats to identify synchronicity’s and then strategically matching mutually beneficial relationships together through data matching: like Tinder, lol! 

There’s a huge amount of technology and data surrounding the millenials & past generations…instead of trying to close the gap, we just cover it all by acting as an intermediary access point for the demand of products for projects to be completed directly to the suppliers that can complete those projects.

The framework of SOCIAL iMPACT BRANDING already exists; social media platforms, technology growth, and cloud advancement has become so innovative that for the first time in history, electricity framework and digital mapping constantly connects the entire GLOBE, at all times (in real time), together as one unit and social impact branding takes out the need for doing anything other than the work you want to be doing.


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Millenial Start-up Impacts Social Media with a Snapchat Movie!? #GlobalSnapSwap



I started this initiative only a few days ago!! The support and interest has blown up with positive input and offers to help so now I reach out here as well…. Stay tuned for Updates!!

Here’s a short list of the countries we’ve gathered up already for #globalsnapswap

Event Page

Going down on Sunday, May 1 where I will be having reps from hopefully 50 countries taking over my snap story to give us a firsthand look in view of what’s going on from their perspective. In real time this essentially will be a trip around the world from the palm of your hand and I’m really excited to share it with everybody and demonstrate the power of Snapchat when you focus on actually utilizing it!


At Social Impact Branding – #SiB we focus on creating engaged relationships through a little something that Jack Bechaud &  Ask AshleyK like to call:

A.R.T. : Being authentic, relevant, & transparent!!

And this is done through






& Most importantly…


So when I got the idea for #GlobalSnapSwap I was able to get about 30 Countries to participate! Which is absolutely amazing! The Featured Countries are as Follows:


– New Zealand –

– Copenhagen – Chris ‘Kubby’ Kubbernus

-Brussels – Elias Schroons

– Korea – Chelsea Votel

– Italy-

– Ireland –

– Scotland –

– U.K. – Abdul Shakur

– Australia – John Hungerford

– Bulgaria- ‘Katya Varbanova

– Chile- James McDonald

– Costa Rica – Maria Fernanda Castro and Elyse Rich

-El Salvador – Anna Andrea

– Thailand

– Laos –

– Israel – Avery Ratz

– Puerto Rico – Erick Rivera

–  Vietnam – Elizabeth Viatkin

– Colombia – Michael franz

– Pakistan – Irfan Umrani

– Ukraine –

– Poland –

To those who participated –> If I am missing some places let me know so I can add them!

So to check out the Trailer for the #GlobalSnapSwap First Movie Ever!



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How did I get here: Tales of an accidental entrepreneur turned CEO.


I recently posted a short article titled, “Stop applying to jobs and searching job site post things and start #PersonalBranding” in a jobseeker forum via LikedIn and was surprisingly overwhelmed by the amount of positive feedback I received from my fellow peers. In the article I discuss my experience so far, #26weeks currently, in my job search. I, like many other Americans, am a prime example of the millennial generation today LOST in a pool of unemployed or underemployed college graduate.


It took me just over 10 years to officially complete college but I NEVER gave up, I always went back, because I knew from being told as a child that I could be anything I wanted to be at his moms I put my heart and soul, blood sweat and tears and followed through. I gained a husband and three children during those years that I am forever grateful for however I never lost that little voice inside me that do you I had the potential to become so much more, it just wasn’t my time yet. Now I struggle with high interest-rates, a pile of student loan debt, a bachelor’s degree (that’s pretty much equivalent of a high school diploma now) then I worked so hard for; after 10 weeks of nonstop applying to jobs, posting my resume to company site I realized that I couldn’t even get anybody to answer the phone, get an interview, or even take me serious (I have 15+ years in the service industry) let alone offer me a position!!!


Something had to change and that’s when I started #PersonalBranding myself. I’ve had a lot of people ask how I’ve managed to grow my network over 2000 people and actually become sought out by multiple companies at once ACCIDENTLY??  How did I network, what did I actually say and do to arrange all these coffee dates and phone calls with so many professionals in all levels of business, both blue-collar and white, and expand my network so rapidly? I started my LinkedIn account in September but really wasn’t able to put in my full effort until January, so honestly, even I admit to being very surprised at how fast my network expanded exponentially so easily to me… It was then I realized or maybe fully comprehended the fact that social media, and the logistics to working it as a machine comes naturally easy to me, I guess I didn’t really know that it was quite the rare quality and something many people face challenges with daily but I also truly believe anyone can do this, they just don’t have the right tools!! Well, I have simple as that works for me that I’d like to share with you.


I decided I better take a step back from applying for jobs that I don’t really want to do anyway start learning about jobs that I didn’t want to do. My degree is in business management with emphasis on marketing communication and I knew I wanted to be with a company that was fast pace, highly competitive; Money motivated, but also well respected by fellow business professional and would be able to either create or lead me to another job where I can actually have the lifestyle that I created. I found some advertising agencies and I can’t found some marketing firm and I started interviewing, like nonstop, for jobs I didn’t even want! But I looked at it as practice for the future, but more importantly a learning opportunity. People would ask me simple questions like what company do I work for or what kind of job are you looking for and it wasn’t until I actually had to answer the question that I realized I didn’t really know a whole lot about any of the companies in my area let alone what any of the role descriptions would be in for a job like advertising or marketing so the more people I met with the more information or data that I had to use when I made decisions. I also took a sweetie very seriously in regard to the impression that I left on the person and any advice they would give me. I was hoping you someway that these meetings would eventually help me find a job and/or land a career, but all they actually did was teach me about all the jobs I definitely didn’t want to do and all the reasons why I would hate to work there, and I don’t even know if I knew that’s what was happening but in retrospect the most valuable lesson I took from that was I was able to learn more about MYSELF!! You’d be surprised how fast you can narrow down your target skill set and desired industry area once you start crossing off all the positions that you’re qualified for (and probably can do) but do NOT provide an enjoyable environment to be, not only financially successful, but happy, passionate, and creative in. I mean initially that’s everybody’s end goal, right? Do what you love, so you love what you do because we can all be anything we want to be (as was taught all through childhood) as long as we put the time and effort in… So, now I have defined my talents, know my PASSION, and am insanely INSPIRED to follow my dreams….


… & thus: SoPac, Inc. was born! I am in SOCIAL IMPACT BRANDING and when people ask what that means, I tell them exactly what it says. This a solution to a problem people don’t understand they even have and I am currently in process of building my company from the ground up bootstrapping all the way! #SocialBranding #TackleTheWorld