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I watched him crush it… & now I'm crushing it too!

What is a social marketplace? Imagine Uber meets Angie’s List with an Airbnb quality check – Fiverr or Upwork but all industry inclusive on a global platform! That is my startup, SoPac, Inc.’s mission…

“Uber meets Angie’s List with an Airbnb quality check!”

Crazy idea turned into a logical business plan and now a functioning startup that I truly see is the ability to change the entire workforce and make this an economy where you no longer have to apply for any job that you can fit into you but start shopping for employers that suit your skills.. social impact branding values #edtech as a resource empowering the majority of the depressed workforce and are guiding the PEOPLE behind those businesses into the The #RelationshipEconomy by embracing the ability to utilize data analysis that’s blinded by the opportunity that staring them in the face.
Times are changing and it’s no longer just all about the “show me the money” aspect, it becoming a “show me you know me” era & with my passionate persistence and a little outside help with the perception; I know that I can persevere because I have all the patience knowing that the world isn’t quite ready yet or just don’t quite realize the solution is what I’m selling. However, this week has been AMAZING because I have finally come up with a functioning MVP prototype also realized today this is the exact model the lean start-up book is talking about!! 

I am a born entrepreneur bootstrapping my way into building a global empire; I never imagined my life would take this path but after growing an engaged network on LinkedIn from 600 to 3000 blogging about my frustrations in the job search and how messed up the work economy is I realized I had something more… And then I came upon Gary Vaynerchuk…. Jab, jab, jab, right hook was the process and the proof was easy to see you as he was crushing it! 
One podcast interview and two YouTube videos later was literally all it took to change my life! 2 weeks later I was in business for myself! 
I’ve always been a hustler and I always make things happen but interception has always been that it was self-serving had a negative connotation with it… Gary put a positive spin on the word especially if you want to go after your dreams…. well I got Big Dreams!!

Love the authenticity in Gary Vaynerchuk’s need no apology, hustle till the end, And always provide value first. Success is not an event, it’s a marathon that is clearly all about the community collaboration approach!
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Transforming Travel



I sit here for a pause and I try to adjust my jet lag, I can honestly say that I truly feel like I’ve traveled to the farthest of the East seeing some of the most magical wonders from the land down under onto the waters of New Zealand. Exploring to the north through the mysterious &;timeless traditions from Laos to Vietnam to the busy streets of hurried pedestrian surrounded with tables and tents of mountain merchandise in Korea.

And then on to the West through the long lasting foundation built thru core values and instilled morals, generations of loyalty, aristocratic legacies dated back centuries into the past. Learning through seeing the actual practice are not only cultural culturally diverse but spiritually embodied through hearing the persona of an individual perspective creates a Visual Nativity essentially transcribing principle behind the purpose of the unknown cannot be achieved without assumption or judgement towards cultural diversities of the unknown.


As I prepare to continue on his glorious Journey further to the West into the new aliens democracy and Independence I’m grateful for the history that was before me. When you take into consideration what it took to get where you are the forward projection begins to widen and become bright with an array options and endless opportunities. Materialistic possessions and conformity to traditional expectations become clearly defined as a consumption rather than a construction.

I invite you to join us on the second end of this epic and Unforgettable experience possible through the advancements in technology and appreciation of authentic relationships as we head to the tropical beauties stretching from the ocean and the Caribbean Sea all the way through the enormity of the unturned land as far north as Alaska. This is a #Globalsnapswap exploration into the virtual world through personal perspective.

Watch as the video unfolds in the midway point here: event page via Facebook


GOAL: 50 countries – 1 day – take a trip around the world from the palm of your hand! Let’s not only advanced in the technology but also embrace it through our minds and personalities that are altered through relationships. I truly hope that you all have enjoyed this experience as much as I have and I’m so grateful for each of the individuals for allowing us into their personal lives.

Stay tuned for the full film release! I’ll be linking it to the company LinkedIn page as well as to my YouTube Channel!!



Ashley Kruempel